Wednesday, 3 April 2013


I am one of those really lucky people in the world that happens to be blessed with a great sister. Now I'm not writing this because I know she is faithfully reading my blog every morning, and supporting me in furthering my writing. I'm writing this because a little something revealed itself to me the other day that made me so very happy, so I thought I would share it with you.

A couple years ago, my sister gave me a pair of earrings. And I loved them. I wore them everywhere and they meant a lot to me. The reason they were so important had nothing to do with the monetary value, but rather that I could picture her in my mind picking them out and that when she saw those earrings she thought of me. Those kinds of gestures mean so much, especially when you live so far apart from one another.

 Now here's the thing. I am really bad with jewellery. Especially earrings. I lose them all the time and I've gotten to the point that I buy the same ones over and over so that if I lose one, I still have a pair. I do this with socks too, but that is a whole other story.

Anyways, I was able to hang on to these ones for a very long time. Amazing, I know. And then one day, before Christmas, I went to put them on, and there was only one. I searched everywhere. Pockets, purse, car, bed, drawers. You name it, I looked there but eventually I had to give up. Another earring lost to wherever lost earrings go.

 Meanwhile, winter has come and gone and the earring was forgotten. Then, the other day I was coming out of my greenhouse after cleaning it out to get it ready for spring planting and as I was walking I happened to glance down. And guess what I found lying in the leaves on the ground? Yup, my earring. It must have been there in the snow all this time, only to reveal itself in the spring thaw. I am so glad I held on to the other one. I always do, just in case. I have a whole little box of lonely earrings keeping each other company. I was ecstatic, running with this little earring in to the house. No one else seemed that impressed with my find. In fact, I think the kids thought their Mom had lost it a little, but they didn't know what it meant to me.

So today I get to wear the earrings once again, and when I glance in the mirror and see them there, I can think of my sister, so very far away in miles, but so very close in my heart. Miss ya sis!


  1. Lucky! I wish I can find half the stuff I lost. I'm pretty bad with jewelries too. I actually lost a diamond on my wedding band and had to get it fixed recently. I love my sister too. This was a very touching post since I can relate. I'm a new follower. If you have time, please come visit my blog too.

  2. Thank you for the comment April. I will indeed check out your blog. I'm glad you could relate to this. There is nothing like having a sister!