Thursday, 30 May 2013


So today my husband had to attend his conference so my daughter and I decided to go on another little road trip to a town by the name of Tatamagouche. To get there we had to drive thru some very nice hilly terrain which was full of lovely surprises of forests, streams and green pastures. This is an area where a lot of Maple Syrup is produced and is the home of Suger Moon Farm a wonderful, year round maple syrup destination, where you can enjoy lunch in their rustic dining room, complete with fireplace, wooden tables and country décor. We have been here before however so we kept on moving until we arrived in Tatamagouche, where we discovered a sweet little town, with quaint gallery's and cafe's, a Creamery, and our favorite, The Train Station Inn. This is the original train station that has been refurbished, and you can now stay over night in an authentic train car, as well as there being a Dining Car, Lounge Car, Café and Gift shop. Wonderful staff were on hand, and we truly enjoyed our time here. We will absolutely return one of these days and stay the night. How often do you get to enjoy a night or two in an authentic caboose?

We had an absolutely wonderful day taking in the sights, and just riding the roads. When on road trips such as these I truly can feel a motorcycle in my future. Nova Scotia has some of the best road trip journeys I've been on yet, and I think it would be just all that much better on a bike so I am adding it to the bucket list. Just don't tell my Mom, she'll worry.

Anyhow, the little one and I finished our morning jaunt with lunch back in Truro at the Saltscapes General Store and Restaurant, where we both enjoyed a big bowl of Seafood Chowder. A very fun day, just us girls!

Wednesday, 29 May 2013


I adore road trips. For me there is nothing better than sitting behind the wheel, new scenery whizzing by and seeing what's around the next corner. A lot of people that know me have said I should have a house on wheels, or that I have gypsy in my soul. So when hubby said that he had a Conference to attend and would I like to come? Well, he didn't have to twist my rubber arm.

So leaving the home stead in capable hands, off we went. And what was supposed to be a very rainy, terrible weather day, was a beautiful, sunny, 22 degree celcius amazing day. We left Yarmouth for the Annapolis Valley which is a gorgeous oasis of orchards and wineries, farms and plowed fields showing the first hint of corn growing in the fields.

We stopped in the town of Wolfville for lunch and took in the sights.

Wolfville is located on the Bay of Fundy in which a hundred billion tonnes of seawater flow in out daily creating extreme high and low tides. When the tide is out you are left with red mud, which apparently has many properties that are extremely good for the skin. Spa treatment anyone?

The town of Wolfville is home to Acadia University, and thus has many sidewalk cafes, restaurants, wine tours and the like.

But for us, time was ticking so after a picnic lunch at the park we were heading back on the road.

So we headed in to the Gaspareaux Valley and then along the Bay of Fundy to Truro, where we rest our weary heads tonight. A beautiful road trip, and memories made along the way. I love this beautiful province of Nova Scotia. Around every corner there is something new, or something old, or reminders of times gone by. I am truly blessed to call this place home.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013


I love my covered front porch. It's a spot where I can sit sheltered from the rain or shaded from the sun. I love to relax in my chair in the morning with a cup of tea, or in the evening with a glass of wine. I can sit and watch the world beyond the deck, and breathe in a sigh of contentment.

This morning, after sending the children off to school, I woke my husband with a hot cup of coffee and urged him out of bed a little early. I grabbed my ever present cup of tea, and we headed out to savor a few moments together on the porch before he left for work.

Taking these little moments together before we each head off to our individual responsibilities is a vital part of our relationship. It keeps us grounded, and gives us a chance to connect. And sometimes, as it was this morning, words aren't always needed. Just the chance to sit in each others company and take in the beauty of our surroundings together holds as much meaning as conversation does.

The birds were joyous in their song this morning, and it seemed everything was a little brighter after a long week of rain. The cat and the dog both joined us outside, and were taking full advantage of the sunshine.

There were birds everywhere. The hummingbirds were excited to see their feeder put up again for another season, and although I didn't get any pictures, they were humming about, darting back and forth for their sweet nectar.

Birds were at the feeder and in the grass collecting their worms to feed to their young. The robins were busy flying in out of their nests and the forest was filled with their chirps and song. I could hear the Canada Geese honking from the lake, and the buzz of bees in the garden.

I am happy and content to now face the day of planting the vegetable garden. My tea cup is put away and I have donned my hat and sunscreen. Off to the wondrous outdoors to play in the dirt, which is what I love best, and then I will sit back down on the porch this evening and ponder and hope that all will grow and be plentiful. A wonderful day in May.

Sunday, 26 May 2013


When I think back to my childhood, I do it fondly. Growing up consisted of bikes, climbing trees, kick the can, losing my boots in the mud, tadpoles and street hockey. I was a tom boy in every way, shape and form. There were no girls in my neighbourhood when I was a kid so I spent my time with the boys and I don't regret it for one moment. I truly think it shaped who I am today. I love to go fast, fly in planes, ATV and get dirty. I prefer a baseball cap over a fancy hair style, and jeans instead of a skirt. And I really don't think this takes away from who I am as a Woman. There is nothing that bothers me more than the stereotypical thinking of what boys should be and girls should be. We can be all things no matter what sex we are.

The other day my daughter got an old ice cream bucket from the cupboard and was dipping it in to the pond and filling it with tadpoles. We watched them swim around and looked at how they were developing. We talked about what they eat, how they form and when they become frogs. She then proceeded to move on to making mud pies. As she was doing this she looked up and asked me something. She asked if it was alright that she likes playing with mud even though she is a girl. And this is where the stereotyping comes in. Girls are supposed to play with dolls, and boys are encouraged to be rough and tumble. Its the age old, pink for girls, blue for boys. And this is so wrong.

I took the opportunity to tell her that it's ok to like what you like, whether you are female or male. It doesn't make us different or wrong. We are who we are and we should never try to conform or fit a mold because society tells us so.

Being a firm believer in equality I hope to bring up my children in a manner that respects everyone, no matter where they are from, where they grew up, who they love or what they love to do. We all have an equal right and an equal opportunity to have a place on this planet, and a mutual respect for each others beliefs and religions.

That's what I love about our country Canada. The freedom and right to be and do what we want to do. We still have a ways to go, and we can always improve, grow and change, but so far, I'm pretty darn happy I call this place home.

Friday, 24 May 2013


In my yard I have bird houses everywhere. On posts, on my potting shed, on my wood shed and on the chicken coop. I have bird feeders as well, that so far have remained squirrel proof, although one found my stash of bird seed the other day, and helped himself to a very nice snack.

Birds are a pleasure. Their song wakes us as the first morning light is just touching the sky. When I walk through the yard or sit at my window they entertain me with their busy ways, and I love to watch them flitter back and forth, building their nests and feeding their young.

This spring we had a bit of a windy day, and one of my bird houses on a post broke off and fell in to the wild roses. It not being easy to retrieve as the bush had many thorns, I put the task off for a little while. So the other day I decided to go get the house and repair it, but as I reached in to grab it, a Robin flew out surprising me. She had built a nest and had eggs to protect, so I left everything as is. This morning as I was on my morning stroll in the garden, this is what I captured with my camera.

Brand new baby birds. What a thrill! I zoomed in as much as I could with out disturbing anything and getting too close. I am so excited to see new life and am looking forward to watching them grow and flourish, and learn to fly. Nature at its best.

This spring has been a long one. What is usually a very quick season has been drawn out and I have enjoyed it immensely. The weather has been somewhat rainy and dreary this week, but has brought intense colors of green to the surroundings. The apple trees are in full blossom, and I stood under them this morning breathing in their heavenly scent.

A hot cup of tea and morning stroll is so rejuvenating. I feel ready to face the day ahead with a clear mind and a smile. Seeing those baby birds in their nest reminded me of the fragility of life. How small and helpless they are, relying on their mother and father to provide them with nourishment to grow, just as we do for our own children. Breathing in the scent of the apple blossoms as they floated down around me in the breeze filled me with such a feeling of tranquility and I feel so lucky to have been a part of it this morning. What an amazing world we live in, full of life and beauty all around us. No matter where you live, whether it's in a city, a suburb or the country, you can find beauty everywhere, and when you are able to see it and savour it, the beauty fills you with energy and life.

Sometimes, when I am having a very down day, or things are not going the way I planned, it is hard to see those beautiful things that surround me. They look bleak, or stark and gray and it takes a conscious effort to bring myself back around and to see what lies beyond my dark mood. So mornings like today are vastly important. They show what life really is, and that the small pleasures are what brings us the most happiness in life. And the importance of savouring these moments, to bring us through the hard times, is what life is all about. Because life isn't perfect all the time and it can be filled with so many struggles and challenges. We all have them. So it is so important to realize and see that life is all the beautiful moments all strung together that make it worthwhile. And when one can realize and see this, it makes life richer and more meaningful. I love my life with all its crazy ups and downs. Good days and bad ones. And I truly wouldn't want it any other way.

Thursday, 23 May 2013


Where we live here in Nova Scotia, we are on a flight path. Everyday, planes fly over way up high in the sky to destinations unknown. We seldom hear them, they are too far up there, but we can see the lovely trails they leave as they streak across the brilliant blue sky.

I get a feeling of wonder as they fly over. I think of all the people on board, who they are and where they are going. I can imagine them, trays down eating lunch or supper. Some are snoozing, some looking out the window way down to earth, and some are reading the paper or a great book. Some will be involved in a deep conversation or others will be anxious, gripping the arm rest as a little turbulence rocks the plane. Babies will be crying and flight attendants are sure to be busy serving drinks and snacks. And the absolute wonder of it all is that this is all happening as this huge hunk of metal, wires, fuel, people and luggage is hurtling through the sky above at 30 000 feet.

It is always amazing to me the miracle of flight. I love to sit and watch a Canada Goose or a duck come in for a landing, so gracefully over the water. And the fact that we as humans have the privilege to step on a plane and do the very same thing and we also get to experience flight, how amazing is that?

We live in a world so surrounded by advances in technology, that we take it all for granted. Years ago I couldn't have imagined typing this on my laptop, and then having people all over the world be able to read it, within moments. We now have the ability to visit places all over the planet from the comfort of our homes. We are all connected. We are connected by internet, transportation and phone. What a hundred years ago would have seemed impossible and even ludicrous is now the daily norm.

What amazing advances we have made in the last century. This really came to light for me these past few months as Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield took to space. He really made a point of using social media and connection to bring us in to space with him. For the first time for me, it felt that space was something so much more than just the final frontier. And when I saw all  the footage and photographs from space, and saw our tiny little earth down below, it amazed me like never before.

When we see the earth from space, we see how small it all really is. There are 7 billion people on this planet we call home and every day we are living and dying. Some are born while others pass away. And as the sun comes up in one place, it descends in another. A miracle really.

And as I watch the planes fly over my house, filled with people that I will in all likely hood never meet, my hope is that as we become more connected with one another, we find a way to all get along. To accept one another for our different beliefs, cultures and religions. That one day we can all embrace and respect one another's differences and do away with war and greed. When you see our beautiful planet from space, or the seat of an airplane, we see that we want to respect the earth we live on, and save it for generations to come. We are only here for a little while so it would only make sense to do our best as we take our turns around the sun.



Tuesday, 21 May 2013


May long weekend is behind us and it is back to our normal routine. The house is quiet again with everyone back to work and school and the chaos of a weekend passed awaits my vacuum and mop. So I decided to take some time for myself this morning before facing what lies ahead in my day and take a walk in nearby Ellenwood Lake Provincial Park.

All the Provincial Parks are open now in Nova Scotia, so I could drive right down to the lake this morning and start my walk from there. I was the only person in the entire park and it was an amazing treat after a busy weekend to enjoy the solitude. I could listen to the birds, watch the squirrels and just take a deep fresh breath of the damp air. It had rained over night and everything felt so clean and green and new.

As a Mom, I am always needed and wanted. Sometimes it can feel that I am pulled in too many directions at one time. Soccer, ballet, band and after school activities. Mountains of laundry, housework, cooking and cleaning. The list goes on, and is a long one. I'm not complaining, I truly love it, and after having been a working Mom, I really appreciate being a Stay at Home Mom. A lot of people say it is the toughest job in the world, but it really isn't. It is an absolute privilege and I appreciate it each and every single day. ( Although you may want to ask me at the end of this day of laundry and cleaning if I still feel that way )

But being a Mom is all encompassing and it is so very important to give oneself permission to take some time to be alone and be free. And for me there is no better way to do that then in nature. I love the sights and smells and sounds of the woods. The empty pathways and lanes with the canopy of trees overhead invoke a sense of peace that washes through me as I wander.

Having the park to myself this morning was a true gift. As summer approaches the campground and beach will soon be filled with laughter. Voices will echo through the trees and the smell of wood smoke from the campfires will linger in the air. But today, it was all mine, and for that I am so thankful.

Friday, 17 May 2013


The day that started out rainy yesterday turned in to an absolutely beautiful evening in Yarmouth. As our daughter had a dress rehearsal for Vivaldi's the Four Seasons, we took the opportunity to stroll along Yarmouth's waterfront boardwalk and take in the amazing evening before us. First we stopped for a pint of beer at Rudder's Brew Pub before heading out for our evening walk. It was an impromptu date night. ( Ok ok, 2 pints, not one, but who's counting )

Strolling along we took in the sights and scents of the evening. The air felt so fresh and warm, and carried with it the scent of the salty ocean. We were entertained by a lone musician picking his banjo on the bench over looking the harbour, he too enjoying the picture perfect evening that was such a gift after the rain.

After the pints and the warm sun on our backs hubby was pretty tired, so our walk was slow and meandering and we spent most of our time just taking pictures and absorbing the wonderful scenery. Picture perfect.

When you are parents of 3 there is rarely a time when you can be alone together and enjoy one another's company. It takes time and planning to steal these little moments with each other. But they are so important. The romance in a relationship, though hard to hang on to as a parent, are crucial to maintaining the couple relationship. We become so comfortable in our roles as Mom and Dad, we start to forget we are still Danielle and Morgan the couple. We even call each other Mom and Dad sometimes. Not good. So we are working on reclaiming that couple time, and last night was a good reminder of how important that is.

We came across this adorable duck couple. Look how they are sitting with one another on the wharf, enjoying the evening with each other, just as we were.

You can see these two are a couple for life. I wonder how many kids they have?

It truly is the simple pleasures in life that mean the most. A pint, some sunshine, a banjo and a hand to hold. What more can we ask for?