Friday, 31 January 2014


Well we are coming up on the end of January and I can't believe how fast time is flying by. The fact that this winter has been a dream come true for me in the sense that it is snowing so much probably has a lot to do with it. I don't know why so many people feel the need to rush in to spring. Winter has so much beauty. And believe me, I personally am in no big hurry to move life along so quickly. I want to savor every moment in every season. Spring will be here soon enough and then we will be busy with gardening and mowing and all the busyness that spring time brings. Then we will long for the slower pace of those winter days, when all there was to do was go for a walk through the woods on a snowy afternoon where the silence of the powdery white snow brings a hush over everything. There is no quiet like that of the forest on a snowy day. I often stand still and listen, until I can hear the sound of the flakes falling to the ground. What immense peace these moments bring.
I always laugh to myself when people from other parts of the country feel sorry for us. They will be on the phone and say "Oh, it must be so awful, all that cold and snow." You can almost visualize the shudder as they can only imagine the immense suffering we must be enduring.The thing is, its not awful at all. It's amazing. Just as amazing as the first leaves in April or the smell of the grass after that first mow in May. I truly don't want to rush onward to any of that. It will come in due time. Life is so very short already. So winter, you can stay as long as you like, because I know before long it will be spring and then everyone will be hurrying and wishing for summer. Always rushing forward to the next thing, not taking the time to embrace the Now. Because if I have learned anything in this life, I've learned that there are no guarantees. There may not be a spring for me, or a next winter. There is only now, today. So what's the big hurry....let's hang around for awhile and turn our faces to the sky and feel the snow flakes melt on our eyelids. Or stand on the porch for a moment when its -15 and breathe in that crisp, clean cold air. You'll be glad you did.

Friday, 17 January 2014


I have one of those brains that moves a hundred miles an hour. I can be having a conversation and jump from one subject to the next in a millisecond and then not understand why people can’t keep up. In my mind I am always writing stories, having future conversations, thinking about what needs to be done, my calendar, groceries, cooking, cleaning, relationships and deep meaningful thoughts. And I do this in my mind almost simultaneously. Crazy, I know. I personally think it’s a Mom thing. As a Mother we have so much on our agendas that if we don’t think at warp speed, nothing would get done. But the thing is, a mind needs rest. So I am putting some effort  in to learning how to quiet my thoughts. My husband gave me the idea of The Sunflower Seed. He knows I love Sunflowers so it’s an appropriate symbol to choose. He placed the seed in my hand and told me to look at it. Concentrate on it. Push all other thoughts out except for the seed. So I did that. I stared at the seed. I started envisioning my glorious garden in summer, when the sunflowers tower above me reaching for the sky. And all my other thoughts died away except for that one. It wasn't long until the spell was broken, but I was able to clear out my thoughts for a moment. A great start. And now, when I start to feel stressed out, or I’m exhibiting signs of melt down extraordinaire, he just tells me to think of the sunflower seed. And I do, and it works. In fact the other day, I was feeling particularly overwhelmed. I felt him place something in my hand as we were walking along. I opened my palm and in it was a sunflower seed. It was a reminder. Calm my thoughts, take a deep breath and relax. He always knows just what I need.

 Having the partner that I do in life makes me feel so blessed. He is my best friend and confidant. He is my date on date nights and my other half.  He knows my thoughts and I know his. Each day I fall in love a little bit more and I know it’s the same way for him too. We are each other’s everything and I hope I don’t have to spend a single day on this planet without him here to share my journey.  What we share together as husband and wife I hope for everyone. Of course we have our bad moments just like everyone and some days I could scream at the top of my lungs he makes me so mad. But you see, no matter how mad I am at the moment, I know it will blow over like a summer thunder storm and we will be alright once again. Because that’s what two people in love do. You overcome the hurdles and learn from the mistakes. And let’s be honest, the making up part is always worth the thunder and the lightning.

Monday, 13 January 2014


I love lighthouses. They just make me happy. I always imagine what it must have been like to live in one. The seclusion, the wild storms and heroic rescues. Having lived on a couple of isolated islands myself I have had a taste of the lifestyle and I love it to this day.

We have our own lighthouse here in Yarmouth that I absolutely adore. We go out there at all times of the year to enjoy the spectacular scenery. I've been there in the height of summer, as the heat scorches down on the rocks, to the peak of a raging storm where the waves came crashing over the rocks to soak me through and through. Even the drive out there is a treat. You get to pass through a fishing port where the seagulls are as abundant as the lobster boats, and the barrels, ropes and fish shacks line the road. You then pass by two wonderful beaches which are great spots to picnic in the summer and beyond these beaches lies the end of the road where the tall red and white striped Cape Forchu Lighthouse stands tall against a stark blue sky.

The other day we decided to go out to the Lighthouse for a walk. It was crisp, cold, sunny and windy. The sky was blue, with large clouds piling up on the horizon. There was still snow on the ground left over from the previous blizzard and my husband and I held hands as we gazed out over the sea. It wasn't a calm day by any means and the waves reached far up the rocks as the tumultous seas splashed to and fro. I could't imagine being out in a lobster boat fishing these waters. We roamed the pathways and rocks and relished in the beauty around us.

We are so lucky to live in a place that is still so authentic. You can see the history all around you no matter where you look. There are no Monster Homes invading this little town. We are still small and hang on to some good things from the past. Change comes slowly to Yarmouth, and truly that's the way I like it.
The place where I grew up has lost that. There are highways and freeways, townhouses and condo complexes. The farms that used to be in abundance have made way for subdivisions. Traffic jams are the norm and pollution clogs the valley on hot summer days. Though still a beautiful place it is definetly not for us. We like country, we like quiet and above all we love nature. The raging sea or a calm clear day, the beauty that lies untouched by the hands of man is where I want to spend my time. It's how I feel when I walk in my woods and its how I feel when I roam the beaches that don't have a row of houses crowding the surfside. I don't want to look out over the waters and see sky scrapers and bridges in the distance. I want to see the open ocean and the glint of the sun reflecting off the windows of a fishing boat on the horizon. I want to walk a beach that hasn't been manicured, with the logs placed in position, crowded with people during the summer. I want natural. People often ask me, why Yarmouth. My answer, because Yarmouth is what Yarmouth was. An authentic fishing village perched on the edge of a magnificent province. It is a place filled with friendly people and dotted with communities that haven't changed much through the generations. I feel a part of history here and I'm thankful everday that my journey through life has brought me to this place. I'm also really thankful for my crazy, wandering personality that has given me the courage to try new things and places. I could never have been happy staying in one location my whole life. I'm much too restless for that and my soul longs for new things. Blessing and sometimes curse, it's what makes me who I am. And I'm truly blessed to have as a partner a free spirit who remains my most steadfast and willing adventure seeker. We are truly a match made in heaven.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014


Well here we are January already and I haven't blogged in what seems like forever. I have been working a lot, having fun in between and most importantly, spending time with the ones I love the most. I really don't take time to blog when we are all home together. Our time is precious, so if you haven't seen a blog from me in awhile that's the reason why.

I know its only January and we have a long way to go before spring, but I am in Seed Catalogue heaven. Its a great way to pass the time and dream about longer and sunnier days. I'm encompassed with thoughts of new veggies to try out, the tried and true that work well year after year, and what kind of birds to order to complement my flock. While other girls dream of new clothes and trips abroad, my thoughts float with the sights and smells of my hands in the dirt, towering sunflowers above and picking beans while my chickens peck the ground. I find myself googling different breeds of goats and geese, and how to make my own cheese. I look on sites like Kijiji for tractors and livestock, while I know most of my peers are searching for furniture and good last minute deals on whatever. I can't help being a country girl at heart.

I am really appreciating all the things life is bringing me this coming year. Even though I need to be a working Mom for now, I know that I can balance my life out with the things I love. I love to garden, bake, cook, spend time with my husband and kids, camp, and walk in the woods. These are the things that fill me with so much joy and happiness. And right now, as the snow flies and the days end in darkness, I can look forward to not only all that is to come, but also immerse myself in the joys of now. The snow that fell. The blizzard we survived. The pizza we made during a power outage on a grill and finished off with a blow torch. Walks in the woods, the snow encrusted trees towering above me in their majestic silence. Birds at my feeder, puffed up to keep out the cold and the great people I call my friends.
I truly love this life and feel blessed to call this place home. I truly wouldn't want to be anywhere else.