Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Living in Yarmouth County we are surrounded by water. There is lakes or ocean. Whatever your heart desires that day, it's there for you. We live somewhat inland so the lakes are something we are lucky enough to experience on a daily basis. And I still get very excited when I discover a lake I have never seen before.

Where I grew up there was not an abundance of lakes around. We did have the beach close by but it wasn't a quiet place, and any lake we wanted to go to required an extensive drive and you were certainly to bump in to others no matter what time of the year. And I'm all about solitude.

Here in Yarmouth, there are lakes everywhere. There are no signs to get there, you just have to discover them, and in the summer they are warm to swim in, something else I'm not used to. Coming from B.C. I am accustomed to cold lakes. VERY cold lakes. It's all that glacial run off.  I think it was somewhere around Ontario on our trip across Canada that I swam in a warm lake for my very first time. And I was hooked. It's cool enough to be refreshing, but you don't turn blue. I loved it. And now in the summer I will swim in a lake any chance I get.

Yesterday we drove down the road to a favorite spot of mine on Raynards Lake. It's about a 5 to 10 minute drive from our house on the Hamilton Road, which is an old route from years gone by. Along the way you will see evidence of old homesteads, some of which are still occupied and some long abandoned. We stopped at one old place that I've been curious about for some time. We spotted an old tree that had grown around some of the old metal that had been lying around the place.

We also found some old abandoned farm equipment from years gone by, now just a relic reminding us of another time.

There was a big old tree at the entrance to the property that majestically towered over us, and I commented to my husband that likely long after we are gone that tree will still be there watching over the land.

We continued on down to the lake and parked the car. It was 20 degrees, so for the first time this year we were able to roll up our pants and dip our toes in the water. Still chilly of course, but it felt heavenly and I know soon we will be plunging in for that much needed afternoon swim.

This is just one of the many many lakes Yarmouth County has to offer. If you ever look at a map of our area you will see the abundance of freshwater available for swimming, boating and fishing. Some have cottages dotted along the shore, some are more popluar than others, but all are serene. We sat at the lake for an hour and saw absolutely no one. It was a great way to end a wonderful day and I feel lucky to be able to take these moments and enjoy them as the gifts that they are.

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