Tuesday, 16 April 2013


So yesterday my hubby was lucky enough to have a day off so we decided to hit the road and explore some of this beautiful area that we live in. The sun was out and the kids were in school so we hit the highway. We ended up in an area of Shelburne County called Jordan Bay. We followed this little dirt road ( our poor car ) over a tiny causeway that looked as if it spends some of its time awash, to McLean's Island. It looks as if the island was an old farmstead complete with endless apple trees, overgrown fields, rock walls, beautiful paths through the forest and of course the spectacular sweeping view of the ocean.

As we wandered around the now abandoned farm, we were both lost in our own thoughts as we explored the area. The immense history that abounds in Nova Scotia never ceases to amaze me and I search it out every chance I get. When I find these old places my imagination runs wild about the family that lived here, what brought them to this place and where are their ancestors now? The beauty that surrounded this place absolutely took my breath away, and I wondered how it could sit abandoned and alone, no one left to love it except the squirrels and porcupines.

As we wandered the paths we relished in the serenity of the place. The birds were chirping in the trees, the waves were undulating in to shore, and the sun was warm on our faces as we made our way down to the ocean. We could feel the breeze from the water as we neared the stony beach, and were greeted by sun and sea as we came out of the forest canopy.

We walked along the rocky shore, coming across dozens of lobster traps and rope that had floated in with the stormy seas of winter. The ocean has been pushing the rocks further inland and now surround the tree trunks of the forest lining the beach showing evidence of the rising waters. How the landscape and shores will change will remain to be seen, but I do believe this  little island will one day be cut off from the mainland to be a sole entity once more.

It was with sadness that upon returning home after this wonderful day, to find out about the terrible bombings that had taken place during the Boston Marathon in the United States. After such a peaceful, tranquil day it took on an extra feeling of shock and sadness. While we were enjoying peace and quiet in nature, somewhere else there was tragedy, shock and fear.

What a shame that on this beautiful planet we all call home and are so blessed to share and be a part of, we can't live in a harmonious state. We must constantly seek to destroy,argue and fight for our different beliefs, religions and power. My heart goes out to the victims of this latest attack and I can only hope that one day we can all live in a world that is safe and serene. It shouldn't be too much to ask for.

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