Tuesday, 23 April 2013


It's so important to make time for moments to just be. I know my life gets so crazy sometimes that I forget to just take a breath and a moment to do something that is for the simple pleasure of enjoyment. Yesterday I encountered such a choice. My husband had the day off so we could get some chores done around the house. It was a beautiful day, warm and sunny and the kids were off to school. We had breakfast and then were about to embark on our separate duties for the day, when he looked at me and asked if I wanted to go for a walk in the park. Now my initial reaction was no. I had so much to do. Change the sheets, clean the bathrooms, bleach out the shower and tub and do laundry. The house needed to be vacuumed and my car is super dirty. But, when I thought about it, I realized that I needed to take that moment, grasp it and go. Those other things could wait. Chores are always there for you when you return and really, how many times will I get to go out for a walk with my husband, no kids, and just enjoy the day.

So, we headed on down to Ellenwood Lake Provincial Park which is about a ten minute drive from our house. In the summer it is a haven for campers and swimmers as the park is situated on the shores of beautiful Ellenwood Lake. On labour day weekend it shuts down for the winter, but the ski trails are open when the snow falls, and are maintained by an organization called the Friends of Ellenwood Lake. There is also a warming cabin on the weekends during ski season, where there will sometimes be an event or a special breakfast to be enjoyed by the local community.

 So, as the park isn't open yet until the end of May we parked at the gate and walked in only to be blessed with having the entire place to ourselves, aside form a few squirrels and some robins. I had fun checking out all the different camp spots and I have picked out my campsite for a weekend this summer to spend there with the kids. I'm not telling which one it is, my secret, but I will say it has it's own private path to the lake.

We brought our puppy along, as he is full of energy and he so enjoyed having the vast freedom to run around off leash, as there was no other dogs are humans around. He sure was one tired little guy when we got home. It's nice to have a dog to walk again, as our other dog Barley is much to old to go on long jaunts anymore, and though I love the new guy very much, I still really miss having my Barley by my side.

I was really glad I took the time to leave the pressures of life behind and enjoy some solitude and peace. I came back feeling rejuvenated and ready to face the rest of the days chores and challenges. I should mention the car is still dirty, and the showers and tub didn't get done, but life is much too short not to take the special times and moments that are put before us. We can never get those times back, so lets take them when we can get them.

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