Friday, 12 April 2013


Today started off as one of those mornings around here when the kids seem to get up on the wrong side of the bed. It took me about 15 minutes to coax them out of their snuggly warm quilts and get going. Sour faces and grumbling were the order of the day as they sluggishly made their way to the bathroom. They lamented how life was so hard and dreadful. What's for lunch? Why can't there ever be anything good in my lunch? I hate these pants. These are the worst pants in the world. My socks are too small, and no I don't want breakfast. My cheery morning disposition infuriated more than it rubbed off, and my humming and singing a tune only caused more irritation so I stopped.

Moans and groans could be heard from upstairs as my husband too, was trying to awaken from his slumber. I don't know what happened to everyone but I ensured the coffee was on for hubby, and quick.

Yup, today was one of those days that, with a huge smile on my face I waved goodbye as the little darlings slunk down the driveway to catch the school bus. Adorable.

 I have a picture from last fall of the two of them walking down the driveway to the school bus one morning. The little one as you can see is chatting up a storm, as my older son listens patiently.  I always watch them go, sometimes with a big smile like today, and sometimes I don't want them to go at all. But I do know, that no matter what the mood of the morning, I am always truly excited, when at the end of the day, the school bus stops at the end of the driveway, and they are home again. A cup of tea and a snack, and the tales of their day. There is nothing better in the world than that.


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