Thursday, 18 April 2013


The day has dawned bright and beautiful and spring is everywhere. This morning I headed out, camera in hand in my PJ's to take a walk in the yard with my puppy Brody. The great thing about living in the country is the privacy it brings. The fact that I can go for a walk in my Pyjamas with out the risk of bumping in to anyone is the best thing ever. We started off feeding the chickens and the rabbits.

I then decided to take a walk around our pond to see if there was anything happening over there. We've been hearing the frogs at night now for a couple weeks so I suspected there might be some eggs, and I was right. There were eggs! A lot of them. Soon these little guys will hatch, and the water will be alive with hundreds of tadpoles. This is such a great time for the kids. They love to sit at the pond and watch them swim around and change in to frogs before their eyes.

And the signs of growth are everywhere. The trees are almost ready to bust out their leaves. The grass is green and the air is warm. Spring to me is a time of rebirth and new life. It feels like a new beginning and a fresh start. I love the different shades of greens that accompany spring. The plants and leaves are never as green as they are around this time, and I love to savor every moment. Fiddle heads are popping up all over the forest floor, and the garden is coming to life with chives and rhubarb.

We are very blessed here in Yarmouth. We have somewhat of a micro climate and we are dubbed the banana belt of Nova Scotia, so everything here is just a little ahead of the rest of the province. And it's so amazing to me how much sunshine we actually enjoy. Moving here from the West Coast, I wasn't expecting to enjoy so much sun. Most of my life, I've been used to so much rain. The Pacific Coast is a rain forest and although this creates a very lush and large environment, for me I prefer the added hours of sunshine to my life. I don't even own an umbrella anymore.

I love every season, and I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite. I love the newness of spring, the warmth and heat of summer, the glorious colors and the harvest of Autumn, and the crisp, cold, snowy days of winter. Each is spectacular in its own right and holds something valuable. It's so important to enjoy every moment of every day of every season. To look around and take in the sights and smells of our surroundings and look for the finer details that can bring such joy and fulfillment. We only get this one life and spring is such a great reminder of the circle of life. From birth to death, and all that lies in between. What a wonderful existence we are blessed with.

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