Wednesday, 3 April 2013


So we headed out to a place called Bunker's Island last evening to enjoy the view and sip our tea. It is a spot where you can rest for awhile and take in the 360 degree view all around you, and meditate on what is important in life. When given a front row seat to the beauty in nature it isn't hard to prioritize your life and feel positive about what each of our journeys in life is all about. As we watched the sun descend it sent rays of light over the ocean, illuminating the clouds from behind. What a spectacular scene. As this was happening we watched the sky as it changed from light to dark back to light, as snow squalls whipped by and the winds churned up the ocean. I am always so impressed by nature and its immense power and how small we all are as human beings in comparison. As we were sitting there, the conversation between my husband and I flowed, from news worthy stories, to life, our path in it, where we are headed, and opinions on food security, cost of living and everything else under the sun.

Taking the moment in a day to sit and watch spectacular scenes in nature open the mind and allow it to flow freely, bringing new ideas and creativity forward. Those moments make us feel alive and good and whole again.

Leaving there I felt renewed and invigorated. When my husband reached over and grabbed my hand and squeezed it saying, "Wow, that was really nice." it made me realize it doesn't take much to make a moment in time special and memorable. It's the little things in life that make it whole, and how lucky we are to have mother nature put on a free show for each and everyone of us to enjoy.

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