Tuesday, 2 April 2013


My husband and I have been together since High School, almost 23 years ago, and he is still my best and dearest friend. After all this time, I still look forward to seeing his car come up the driveway every day after work and he is still my favorite person to hang out with. We never go through the day without a quick phone call, or a text to remind one another that we are in each others thoughts.

We have been through a lot together my husband and I. We became parents at a very young age. He was 19 and I was 20 and we were just out of High School. We had big plans to work and travel and see the world but fate stepped in and had other ideas for us. So we became a family early on, and even though those times were difficult, and some of the hardest we have faced, we became stronger.

Becoming parents so young, the cards in life are stacked against you. You have to grow up fast, and you have responsibilities you aren't always ready to handle. In the beginning it was tough. We had to overcome so many hurdles. Some of those hurdles, we tripped and fell, but others we soared over, and became stronger in our relationship. And some of those challenges we didn't do alone, and to those that helped us through, we are eternally grateful.

So instead of letting hardships and struggles overwhelm us, we gained strength from each other. Not without difficulties of course, of those there were many, but we were partners and we pulled each other through to where we are today. A very strong family unit. It always amazes me to look back over the years, and see how our little family has grown to become what it is today and to connect the dots and see how everything is woven together to bring us to the here and now.  It helps to know facing forward that the challenges we overcame together in the past, give us the knowledge and confidence that we can face whatever life has in store for us in the future. And I know that even when my kids grow up and move on with their own lives, I will still have my best friend by my side to experience even more adventures, and crazy ideas, because that's what gives life the spice.

Now I realize that I'm painting a picture of marital bliss and perfection and all is rosy in our world, and we all know that isn't the truth. We have arguments, disagreements and irritations. There are times when I would love to just pack a suitcase, jump in the car and say Adios Amigos, and hit the highway. But those times and feelings are normal. We all face them. Some times when its 2am and he's snoring, smothering him with a pillow does cross my mind. But you take the good with the bad, and as long as its mostly good with only a smattering of bad, I'll take it.

I love you my friend, and I hope that we have many more years of adventures together. Oh, and if by chance you read this today, flowers would be great because you kept me up half the night with your snoring!

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  1. Love this post, I hope to see 20+ years and more with my hubby. That can be such a rare thing these days.