Friday, 5 April 2013


Very soon my life is going to get very busy. Well, busier. I am pretty busy already. It's time to till the garden and get the seeds going in the greenhouse. Since January I have been pouring over seed catalogues with dreams of warm summer days, sunflowers blowing in the wind, fresh lettuce and tomatoes, crisp green beans and basil. Lots of basil. And now to be able to finally see the signs of spring, the dreams will soon be a reality.

I absolutely love this time of the year. It's as if all the trees are holding their breath for that special moment when they will burst forth their leaves and welcome the warmer weather. There is truly no green like the one of new growth. It is so fresh and alive.

                                        By the way, last years pics, we aren't quite there yet!

So soon, I will be behind the rototiller, plowing up the dirt, and plowing in rabbit manure. I will be mapping my planting grid and trying to remember what was planted where last year so I don't replant the same things in the same places. Taking notes last summer would have been a great idea, but at the time I thought I would remember. I don't. It must be because I'm 41.

 In the next few weeks I will also be starting seeds in the greenhouse for planting out in June. Last year, the mice ate a lot of my seeds, so I have a new plan to outsmart them. We'll see how that goes. I love little mice, as long as they aren't in the house, so I can't bare to use a trap. And we have a cat, so she does her part taking care of the mouse, vole and squirrel population. Mindy the cat has a definite issue with squirrels and she will hunt them tirelessly. Poor little things don't have a chance against Mindy.

 The grass is also showing signs of life, which means its time to get the mower all tuned up. It takes about 3 to 4 hours to mow our lawn here on a lawn tractor. I really think we need some sheep, or a couple goats, but I have to convince hubby to build me some fences.

It's also pruning time. We have 5 apples trees, a peach tree and a plum tree as well as High Bush blueberries, so this is a big task. We are also planning on planting raspberry this year, and had toyed with strawberries, although there is a U Pick strawberry farm just down the road, in walking distance, so we may not bother with that. Our rhubarb patch is also springing forth, so there will be rhubarb crisp, pies and maybe some rhubarb wine in our near future. I've never tried making it before, but I hear its very easy and tasty. If I decide to go ahead with this, I will chronicle the undertaking here on the blog and let you all know how it turns out.

Well, just reading back over this post, I'm starting to feel a little tired and overwhelmed. Funny, in all my garden fantasies during the winter, I was always lying in my hammock, overlooking the beautiful garden. I guess I forgot how it got that way! Well, bring it on. My gardening gloves and tools are ready.


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  1. Danielle~ This comment was written many days ago but could not seem to post successfully. I will try again.

    The launching of your blog is very exciting! For many years, your passion for writing has been unfaltering; now it seems even stronger. To share your writing, to make the shift from “ private to public” requires courage, confidence and some very huge changes.

    Your blog opens doors. Journal -like, your colourful and descriptive vignettes about daily life convey valued & meaningful experiences in such a rich and direct way ( straight from the hip- I guess "heart" is a better choice of words); By reading your writings, I get to really enjoy them while getting to know you better; at the same time, the vastness of the miles between the east and the west coasts fall away with the wonderful immediacy of your words. Wow on you Danielle! You are in the creative stream. Keep it flowing. I know you will. Your proud mother in law~ Ruth