Saturday, 29 June 2013


A few weeks ago, on our camping trip to Digby Neck, we came across an amazing, magical little place. In the forest were two old apple trees side by side, their trunks entwined. From their gnarly branches, and from the other trees in the grove, hung hundreds of multicolored hearts with names and dates of individuals who had come before us. There were hearts of all kinds scattered along the ground that had blown off in previous storms, and weathered hearts where the writing was no longer visible.

We were mesmerized as we stood reading all the different inscriptions made by lovers, families and friends. The birds in the forest were singing, adding to the magic, and we were shaded from the warm day by the old branches of the apple tree as we silently read the many names and dates on the various hearts hanging there above us.

When I read the little poem on the apple tree I was reminded how beautiful the love of two people can be, and what it can produce. My husband and I held hands under the apple tree and smiled to one another. We are like the apple trees, two but as one, entwined together our roots running deep. We weather each storm as one, holding on to one another, our love and devotion giving us strength to endure what ever life holds. And as we stood and looked at our amazing children there with us, we truly were able to see what beautiful fruit love brings.

We added our own hearts to the tree, and they now swing in the breeze under the old apple trees. Our names added to the many others before us, who walked beneath the canopy of the forest and paused to reflect on what it means to love and be loved.

The poem on the apple tree

And as we walked away, my son snapped a picture of us. It was of our heart between us, linking us together as one. I love you my hubby, forever and always.

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