Thursday, 6 June 2013


So my chickens have been in their new chicken run for a couple of weeks now while I plant my garden and seeds. When everything is established and growing well we are going to let them run around free again, but right now, they would just eat every little sprout that comes up out of the ground. So, we built them a nice covered run attached to their coop.

To say they are unhappy with the situation would be an understatement. The rooster crows every time I come near as if to say, "Hey, let me out of here would ya?" I feel guilty even though they have plenty of space, nice accommodations and great food.

So this morning I had a conversation with them. I let them know this wasn't for always. Come late July, the pasture, forest and yard would belong to them once again. Think of all the lovely bugs and worms that will be awaiting you when you return, I told them.

Well Tipsy was giving me the eye, and Stoo the Rooster was looking at me with a distrustful expression. I can't really blame him, I did lock him in there. I gave them some lovely kitchen scraps which seemed to cheer them up a bit. But as I was walking away I could hear them squawking to one another, and then Stoo crowed as if to tell me to go to you know where.

I do want to say, it has been somewhat of a pleasant experience to be in the yard and not have to have eyes in the back of head, or to see Stoo launching himself at me out of the corner of my eye. But I do miss their company when I'm having a snack on the patio and they gather around as I throw them bits and pieces or they eat out of my hand. And I love watching as they make their circuit around the yard, scratching and pecking, so happy in their surroundings.

Yes, I am truly attached to my girls, and even Stoo, although I wish him and I could come to some understanding. I know they didn't appreciate our little conversation this morning. And I'm sure there is a level of distrust considering what happened to their turkey friend last Thanksgiving. But I will follow through on my word. The chickens will be free once again. But they better not eat my garden!


  1. Love the pics, your rooster is beautiful! I hope that your garden can grow now that they aren't eating everything :)

  2. Thanks Ann! He is quite the guy isn't he?