Friday, 7 June 2013


So our next big decision around the homestead is if we want to take the next step in hobby farming and get larger animals. We were thinking maybe a few sheep or a goat or two. Now this would involve quite a bit of fencing around the property which is a substantial investment money wise so would the return be enough to make it worth our while. There are other factors to take in to consideration as well, like the fact that it's easy to get someone to come look after a few chickens when you want to go on vacation, but throw in a sheep and some goats, and you will have people running for the hills. Also, there is the cost associated with feeding them through the winter, shelter and equipment.

Many years ago we did raise sheep and I really miss the pleasure of holding little lambs in my arms or helping mama sheep give birth. I love the sound of them bleating in the pasture and I miss leaning on the fence rail watching the Ewes graze while baby lambs nurse from Mama Sheep. Now I know I'm letting my nostalgia get away on me, and in looking back we always seem to somehow haze over all the hard parts, like when Mama neglects the baby and you have to bottle feed a newborn every 3 hours, scours ( ewwwww ) The Ram knocking you over from behind when you turn your back (The rooster has nothing on a Ram ) and the inevitable having to eat cute little lamby when the time comes. This is especially difficult when you have bottle fed him and he comes to you when called. See, I'm still not over it.

So we have to decide, do the pleasures out weigh the pain? Does the monetary investment make it worthwhile? Should we just stick with veggies and chickens and call it a day? To me it seems like such a waste to have a really nice pasture that I mow with my ride on mower once a week. It doesn't feel environmentally friendly when I could have a goat naturally grazing the grass for me.

But whatever we decide we will think long and hard and crunch all the numbers. We rarely make quick decisions in this house so I'm sure we will over think it to death. But when we finally do come to some sort of conclusion you will be the first to know. And if anyone out there has good, economical cheap fencing ideas or an opinion in general, feel free to share. I would love to hear any of your experiences.


  1. They are adorable :) My mother had a fascination with goats growing up and really wanted to get a few, but my dad always put his foot down. Whatever decision you come to, I'm sure it will be the right one!

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    Love the pictures!

  3. Thanks for the comments and kind words.