Wednesday, 3 July 2013


After a little bout of very wet weather, summer has returned to us. The pool is full, the sun is hot, and the wash is on the line once more.

We actually had a few days where not only did it rain, but our internet went on the fritz at the same time. It would work, then wouldn't, until it shut down altogether. We were then faced with finding other things to do that didn't require an internet connection. Pretty tough thing around our house as we use it for Movies, TV and writing this blog of course! When the provider told us it would be 10 days before they would be around to fix it, we turned to one another in  horror. Whatever would we do? Well, we did lots of things. We read books, cleaned up, played cards and the kids turned our living room in to a puppet theatre. So all in all, it was a good time. And suddenly for reasons unknown, it has started working again all on its own, and we are back online just as the sun has reappeared once again.

So we are back to outdoor living. I'm sitting in my gazebo in the shade writing on my laptop as the kids splash in the pool. The chickens are drying out in their pen, and the dogs are lounging in the grass in the heat of the sun. The breeze through the trees is heavenly and the air is fresh and clean. I'm sitting next to a bouquet of wildflowers I picked from the edge of the woods, and I feel so content and comfortable.

It truly is amazing to me that when the rain falls, and there are no distractions, all the things we can find to do. What I had thought was going to be many days of bored kids, and internet withdrawals, turned in to creativity and time spent together playing and talking.

I really appreciate summer time with the kids. It is a blessing to be with them. And as fast as summer will go, and life will return to normal in September, I for one am going to savor every moment. It truly is a wonderful life.

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  1. We have had a lot of storms this summer too :) Our internet also has a bad habit of going in and out during storms.