Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Well its no secret that I love my dogs. I truly couldn't live in a household without at least one dog, and I am so blessed and happy to have two. My Standard Daschund is my old faithful friend of 14 years. He sleeps most of the time now, and his front legs seem to be having some trouble holding him up. But he still keeps on trucking, and every couple of days he makes his slow trek over to the neighbours house next door for a visit and a treat. They have 3 beautiful dogs of their own, and always welcome Barley with open arms.

My newest addition to the home is our ShihTzu/Biewer that we got for Christmas. He is absolutely adorable. He is my newest friend and he takes this position very seriously. He is always at my feet, or on my lap or waiting in the window for me to return. He is smart, playful and fun and absolutely wonderful with my kids.

What I have found to be of  the utmost importance in raising dogs can be summed up in two words. Time and Love. You need to have the time to be there. Time to train them, teach them, play with them and give them treats for a job well done. If you don't have this time to give, you really shouldn't get a dog. They don't want to be cooped up in a kennel all day while you're at work. It's not in their nature. They need to run and play and frolic and each breed has its own temperament, requirements and personality. If you have the time for your dog, the rewards are endless. The other thing is Love. They love to be loved and will return this to you in double batches. My dogs love me unconditionally and I feel the same way about them. My kids pester me sometimes...they ask me "Mom, if you had to choose between us and the dogs, who would it be? " I always play along with the game and pretend to seriously ponder the question and then I always hug them and tell them of course I would choose them. I hope they believe me!

But truly, my dogs are a part of our family in every way. Our house would be an emptier place without them, and I truly believe the gift of their love is something that carries through in to other facets of our lives. I have seen my daughter have a bad day, and the dog lie it's head in her lap. He knows. Or there is the times when our oldest dog will do a bedside vigil when one of us is sick. They are loyal and kind. Tried and true.  All they want is your time and love in return. And they deserve to have it. Dogs are a person's best friend and I am so happy to say I am their best friend too!


  1. We have three dogs :) Our smallest is 6 pounds and the biggest 60 pounds. I love dogs fro so many reasons!

  2. Wow Ann, you have a busy home! But how wonderful. Dogs are the best!