Tuesday, 18 June 2013


I am very proud to be Canadian, and with Canada Day coming up in a few weeks I thought it would be appropriate to write something about this great country I call home. I know a lot of my readers reside all around the world and I appreciate so much that you take time to visit me here everyday. So I thought I would tell you a little bit about my country and what I think makes this nation great. In return I would love to hear about where you come from, and what you love about where you make your home.

Canada is a vast land that is unique and diverse. We have mountains, prairies, tundra, the arctic, 3 coasts ( the east, the west, and the arctic ) metropolitan cities and small outposts.There are deserts and places packed with ice and snow. There are green valleys and harsh landscapes. We are a nation filled with lakes and rivers, oceans, bays and inlets. We are made up of 10 provinces and 3 territories and we have a population of approximately 35 million people. In fact there are more people in the state of California alone than the amount of people living in Canada. This is amazing in the fact that Canada is approximately 10 000 000 square km. That is a lot of land! 

When we drove across Canada a few years ago I was struck by how diverse this nation is. Not just geographically, but also amongst our citizens. There are so many different cultures in Canada and our country's multiculturalism is something I love the most. People have settled here from all over the world. There are Europeans, Asian, Indians, Australians and Americans just to name a few. And it's wonderful. We are exposed to different languages, cultures, food and clothing. We live side by side in peace, free to have our own religions, and our own cultures. We all live in a world where war is a reality, freedom is not a guarantee, nor is equality. So to live in a nation where we live together peacefully and in harmony is truly a gift that should not be taken for granted or forgotten.

In Canada we also have 2 national languages. French and English. The province of Quebec is where French is most dominant but there are other provinces that have areas that are predominately French as well. Here in Yarmouth and the surrounding areas there are many Acadian communities where French is still the language of choice. I love it.

I  truly feel very lucky and blessed to live in this country. We are a free nation and a peaceful one. We believe in equality and the right to love whom we choose. Each citizen has the right to an education and healthcare. We are known for our politeness and our willingness to help others in times of need.

Now I'm not saying we are perfect by any means and there are a lot of things we can improve on. But all in all, this is a great country. It is beautiful, it is welcoming and it is my home. I love you Canada, our true north strong and free!

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