Wednesday, 5 June 2013


At the end of a long day in the garden I like to wander around and take in all its glory. A garden changes everyday and its nice to have a place to sit and reflect. So around the yard I strategically place chairs or a bench to encourage resting awhile. An inconspicuous place where you can view birds and butterflies go about their business. It is such a pleasure at this time of the year to be able to sit outside after a long winter of sitting inside in front of the fire.

There are many inexpensive ways to have creative seating. A bench made out of spare wood, built at the edge of the forest, or some recycled chairs that maybe someone else didn't want anymore. Hotels for instance change up their outdoor furniture every few years. If you can make a connection there you can get some really cheap or even free outdoor d├ęcor. I've used inexpensive plastic tables and covered them with a decorative sheet or tablecloth and secured it with clothes pins. It looks beautiful under a tree or large bush and costs next to nothing. Spring cleanup in your area can also be a treasure trove of unwanted outdoor furniture. I've gotten a barrel for a table, chairs for the yard, and many a planter pot that just needed a quick pressure wash. Whatever you have on hand can make for a wonderful spot to sit. It doesn't have to be fancy or expensive, it just needs to be comfortable, so you can look out at the world and feel a sense of peace and contentment.

For me, the more weathered the furniture the more ideal. I love the rustic appeal of a wooden chair bleached by the sun. I also love a splash of color, and a fresh coat of paint can revitalize even the oldest chair or table. Whatever your preference may be, a special spot for reflecting is so rejuvenating. Whether its the corner of a yard under a massive oak tree, a stool on a sundeck or a park bench down the road, take a moment each day and take it all in. It will be well worth your while.


  1. I like weathered furniture too, there is something so comforting about it!

  2. Absolutely, I feel the same way!