Tuesday, 11 June 2013


So another weekend has flown by too quickly. It was filled with good food, great friends, laughter and Post Tropical Storm Andrea which drenched us on Saturday. Hurricane season runs from June 1st to November here on the East Coast, and they are predicting it to be a busy season this year. We shall see. Saturday's storm brought heavy rain but very little wind, and was here and gone before you knew it. Sunday we were treated with a gloriously sunny and fresh beautiful day. We had good friends down from Halifax over the weekend and we took a drive to Yarmouth for lunch. The dam down the road was running full tilt, and as we drove over the bridge we couldn't resist stopping and taking in the tremendous power of water.

We were also treated to another type of visitor this weekend. The kind with wings. This little guy found his way in to my potting shed in to one of my planter pots. We released it on to the grass but not before getting a few pictures of course. It then flew off in to the wild blue yonder. A very happy butterfly indeed.

We also enjoyed the first swim of summer this past weekend. The sun was hot and the water was warm. The puffy white clouds reflected their beauty in to the dark depths of the lake, and we basked in the sun on the Granite rocks that dotted the shoreline of Greenwood Lake. There is only a few houses on this lake and so, as per usual in Nova Scotia, we had the whole lake to ourselves.

There truly is nothing more relaxing than dipping your toes in the water under a brilliant blue sky and basking in the heat of the beautiful sunshine. The rain that comes freshens and nourishes, and leaves us with an appreciation of the bright and the glorious. I feel so blessed in this life to have great friendships, a husband that enjoys all my crazy adventures and ideas as much as I do, and kids that fill me with so much joy and fulfillment. It truly is a wonderful life.


  1. We get monarch butterflies around here, but they haven't started yet :) I love all your pics, very pretty!

  2. Thanks Ann. I'm sure the butterflies will be there soon. They are so beautiful to watch. And their color patterns are amazing.