Friday, 28 June 2013


So school is out and suddenly two faces are staring at me as if to say, well, what's the plan? Now, because we are a one income family, the plan doesn't consist of a lot of high priced ideas. We really needed to brain storm and think of ways to have fun, while not spending bucket loads of money in the mean time. We do have a couple of trips planned this summer, one camping in Newfoundland and a week at a cottage, but other than that, our days stretch out before us, unplanned.

So after some discussion about what would keep us all happy and occupied we came up with Geocaching. It's something I have only tried a couple times, and had a blast, and it is something I think my kids are really going to enjoy. It's going to get us out of the house, and in to the woods. It's also going to make us even more familiar with our community and the surrounding areas, and get us exercising as well.

For those of you not familiar with Geocaching,  it is an activity where you use a GPS ( Global Positioning System ) to hide and seek containers called caches. Some of these have prizes, so you take one and replace it with something else, and they will have a notebook that you can sign. It's a really good way of getting outdoors and gives the kids a purpose, instead of just saying hey, lets go for a walk. It's like a treasure hunt, but with coordinates. When you visit the official Geocaching website, you can log in and find all the different caches in your area, or for any area you will be visiting, because Geocaches are found all over the world.

The kids are very excited about it, and so am I. I have ordered my GPS and am looking forward to its arrival next week, and then we can begin our summer journeys. Of course I will be letting you know all about our mishaps and adventures along the way, and if any of you out there enjoy this hobby as well, let me know any tips you may have to help us get started.

So other than that, I think we will be spending time at the lake swimming, going to the beach, tending the veggie garden and hanging around the house. Sounds like a pretty good summer to me. Now if only this rain would let up, we could actually get out there and enjoy some of the things we are planning to do. Hmmm, maybe I should be planning some indoor activities too.


  1. My husband and I tried it once in grad school, but since he uses GIS for a living and we both have degrees in geography neither of us could get into it :) I know so many people that love it though! I think it's a great idea to enjoy with your kids this summer! Things that don't cost a lot of money are always on the top of my list too since we have one income as well :)

  2. Fun things that are free, or almost free are always the best. We are really looking forward to it, and will let you know how it goes. I can imagine Ann that the last thing you would want to do for fun is something you use all day in the workplace. But I'm sure you would both be excellent at it!