Sunday, 2 June 2013


Well every good trip must come to an end and we hit the road at noon to make it home for a concert. So there was no fun stops along the way, just a 5 hour straight drive home, although we did have a Dairy Queen stop for an ice cream and bathroom break.

The weather suddenly has turned hot in Nova Scotia and it was 32 degrees the entire way home and I was truly thankful for the air conditioning. It was a good test to see how our little girl and puppy are going to do on some long drives we have planned for Newfoundland this summer.

If these pictures are any indication, it will be a great trip. There's nothing better than when the kids and pets fall asleep for the ride. It means happy, relaxed parents chatting in the front the seat and enjoying the amazing scenery as it flies past the window.

I can't wait for more road trips in the future. In this province you can drive a little ways and be somewhere completely different. The Bay of Fundy was a marvel and we also happened upon a gem of a park in Truro the other night. It was called Victoria Park, and the only sad part was that we discovered it just as evening was falling, therefore we weren't able to enjoy it to its full potential. We will absolutely go back and check it out another time, and make use of its many trails, swimming pool, tennis courts and playground. Absolutely stunning place.

As the light was fading it was very hard to get any good pictures, and most turned out somewhat fuzzy, but these give a general idea about the beauty of the trees and river, with its waterfalls and walkways.

All in all, another great Nova Scotia road trip, filled with new adventures and lovely people. Can't wait for my next journey down the road.


  1. The waterfall pics are so pretty! I love it when my kids fall asleep on car trips, it makes it so much easier :)

  2. That's so true Ann. It does make things easier. As much as I love them, sometimes it's so nice when they go to sleep. Peace and quiet:)