Wednesday, 26 June 2013


So all these years I've driven past them on the road, seen them growing in the marsh, and they are a major inhabitant of my neighbours pond, but I never knew they were edible. The all too common Cattail is apparently a wealth of nourishment and a host of many medicinal properties. When I was on Facebook this morning my favorite Chef, Chef Michael Smith posted a recipe for Cattails. I immediately thought to myself, what? Cattails? Don't they grow in the ditch on the side of the road? So I immediately turned to Google for the answer of course. And what I found was a wealth of information. Not only can you eat them, they provide a year round source of nourishment. I found a website that explains all the different uses for the Incredible Cat Tail and I was blown away by how many different uses it has.

Now am I going to give it a try? I don't know. I wonder what my neighbours will think when they see me in rubber boots, stealing the Cattails out of their pond. Well in all honesty, they probably won't think much, they know me well enough to know I have some pretty wild ideas. But whether or not I will get up the nerve to cook it and try it, I'm not sure.

But what this new little piece of knowledge has done for me, is raised an interest in what different plants are edible in the environment around us. I would love to go through the forest with someone that has knowledge about different plants and how to eat them. It would be so interesting and I would be so excited to find out what different things around me I could utilize. Not just in everyday life, but also in an emergency situation, if one should find themselves lost or stranded in the woods for any period of time.

Once again, nature has surprised me, as it does everyday. I can only imagine what other things are out there just waiting for me to discover.

As for trying the Cattails, if I do get up the nerve to give it a go, you will be the first to know. And if anyone out there has ever tried them, please comment or email me. I would be really curious to find out the best way to eat them, prepare them, and utilize them to the best of their potential. And to my neighbours, if you see someone in your pond, with knee high rubber boots and knife, don't be afraid, its just crazy old me. And don't worry I'll invite you for supper if you dare.

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  1. My mother used to use cattails that she grew for a ton of things. They are great :)