Thursday, 30 May 2013


So today my husband had to attend his conference so my daughter and I decided to go on another little road trip to a town by the name of Tatamagouche. To get there we had to drive thru some very nice hilly terrain which was full of lovely surprises of forests, streams and green pastures. This is an area where a lot of Maple Syrup is produced and is the home of Suger Moon Farm a wonderful, year round maple syrup destination, where you can enjoy lunch in their rustic dining room, complete with fireplace, wooden tables and country décor. We have been here before however so we kept on moving until we arrived in Tatamagouche, where we discovered a sweet little town, with quaint gallery's and cafe's, a Creamery, and our favorite, The Train Station Inn. This is the original train station that has been refurbished, and you can now stay over night in an authentic train car, as well as there being a Dining Car, Lounge Car, Café and Gift shop. Wonderful staff were on hand, and we truly enjoyed our time here. We will absolutely return one of these days and stay the night. How often do you get to enjoy a night or two in an authentic caboose?

We had an absolutely wonderful day taking in the sights, and just riding the roads. When on road trips such as these I truly can feel a motorcycle in my future. Nova Scotia has some of the best road trip journeys I've been on yet, and I think it would be just all that much better on a bike so I am adding it to the bucket list. Just don't tell my Mom, she'll worry.

Anyhow, the little one and I finished our morning jaunt with lunch back in Truro at the Saltscapes General Store and Restaurant, where we both enjoyed a big bowl of Seafood Chowder. A very fun day, just us girls!

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  1. My kids would love that place! They are both obsessed with trains and love crawling on the old steam caboose that they have at a park in our area. Looks like a lot of fun!