Friday, 17 May 2013


The day that started out rainy yesterday turned in to an absolutely beautiful evening in Yarmouth. As our daughter had a dress rehearsal for Vivaldi's the Four Seasons, we took the opportunity to stroll along Yarmouth's waterfront boardwalk and take in the amazing evening before us. First we stopped for a pint of beer at Rudder's Brew Pub before heading out for our evening walk. It was an impromptu date night. ( Ok ok, 2 pints, not one, but who's counting )

Strolling along we took in the sights and scents of the evening. The air felt so fresh and warm, and carried with it the scent of the salty ocean. We were entertained by a lone musician picking his banjo on the bench over looking the harbour, he too enjoying the picture perfect evening that was such a gift after the rain.

After the pints and the warm sun on our backs hubby was pretty tired, so our walk was slow and meandering and we spent most of our time just taking pictures and absorbing the wonderful scenery. Picture perfect.

When you are parents of 3 there is rarely a time when you can be alone together and enjoy one another's company. It takes time and planning to steal these little moments with each other. But they are so important. The romance in a relationship, though hard to hang on to as a parent, are crucial to maintaining the couple relationship. We become so comfortable in our roles as Mom and Dad, we start to forget we are still Danielle and Morgan the couple. We even call each other Mom and Dad sometimes. Not good. So we are working on reclaiming that couple time, and last night was a good reminder of how important that is.

We came across this adorable duck couple. Look how they are sitting with one another on the wharf, enjoying the evening with each other, just as we were.

You can see these two are a couple for life. I wonder how many kids they have?

It truly is the simple pleasures in life that mean the most. A pint, some sunshine, a banjo and a hand to hold. What more can we ask for?

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