Tuesday, 28 May 2013


I love my covered front porch. It's a spot where I can sit sheltered from the rain or shaded from the sun. I love to relax in my chair in the morning with a cup of tea, or in the evening with a glass of wine. I can sit and watch the world beyond the deck, and breathe in a sigh of contentment.

This morning, after sending the children off to school, I woke my husband with a hot cup of coffee and urged him out of bed a little early. I grabbed my ever present cup of tea, and we headed out to savor a few moments together on the porch before he left for work.

Taking these little moments together before we each head off to our individual responsibilities is a vital part of our relationship. It keeps us grounded, and gives us a chance to connect. And sometimes, as it was this morning, words aren't always needed. Just the chance to sit in each others company and take in the beauty of our surroundings together holds as much meaning as conversation does.

The birds were joyous in their song this morning, and it seemed everything was a little brighter after a long week of rain. The cat and the dog both joined us outside, and were taking full advantage of the sunshine.

There were birds everywhere. The hummingbirds were excited to see their feeder put up again for another season, and although I didn't get any pictures, they were humming about, darting back and forth for their sweet nectar.

Birds were at the feeder and in the grass collecting their worms to feed to their young. The robins were busy flying in out of their nests and the forest was filled with their chirps and song. I could hear the Canada Geese honking from the lake, and the buzz of bees in the garden.

I am happy and content to now face the day of planting the vegetable garden. My tea cup is put away and I have donned my hat and sunscreen. Off to the wondrous outdoors to play in the dirt, which is what I love best, and then I will sit back down on the porch this evening and ponder and hope that all will grow and be plentiful. A wonderful day in May.

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