Thursday, 23 May 2013


Where we live here in Nova Scotia, we are on a flight path. Everyday, planes fly over way up high in the sky to destinations unknown. We seldom hear them, they are too far up there, but we can see the lovely trails they leave as they streak across the brilliant blue sky.

I get a feeling of wonder as they fly over. I think of all the people on board, who they are and where they are going. I can imagine them, trays down eating lunch or supper. Some are snoozing, some looking out the window way down to earth, and some are reading the paper or a great book. Some will be involved in a deep conversation or others will be anxious, gripping the arm rest as a little turbulence rocks the plane. Babies will be crying and flight attendants are sure to be busy serving drinks and snacks. And the absolute wonder of it all is that this is all happening as this huge hunk of metal, wires, fuel, people and luggage is hurtling through the sky above at 30 000 feet.

It is always amazing to me the miracle of flight. I love to sit and watch a Canada Goose or a duck come in for a landing, so gracefully over the water. And the fact that we as humans have the privilege to step on a plane and do the very same thing and we also get to experience flight, how amazing is that?

We live in a world so surrounded by advances in technology, that we take it all for granted. Years ago I couldn't have imagined typing this on my laptop, and then having people all over the world be able to read it, within moments. We now have the ability to visit places all over the planet from the comfort of our homes. We are all connected. We are connected by internet, transportation and phone. What a hundred years ago would have seemed impossible and even ludicrous is now the daily norm.

What amazing advances we have made in the last century. This really came to light for me these past few months as Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield took to space. He really made a point of using social media and connection to bring us in to space with him. For the first time for me, it felt that space was something so much more than just the final frontier. And when I saw all  the footage and photographs from space, and saw our tiny little earth down below, it amazed me like never before.

When we see the earth from space, we see how small it all really is. There are 7 billion people on this planet we call home and every day we are living and dying. Some are born while others pass away. And as the sun comes up in one place, it descends in another. A miracle really.

And as I watch the planes fly over my house, filled with people that I will in all likely hood never meet, my hope is that as we become more connected with one another, we find a way to all get along. To accept one another for our different beliefs, cultures and religions. That one day we can all embrace and respect one another's differences and do away with war and greed. When you see our beautiful planet from space, or the seat of an airplane, we see that we want to respect the earth we live on, and save it for generations to come. We are only here for a little while so it would only make sense to do our best as we take our turns around the sun.



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