Wednesday, 29 May 2013


I adore road trips. For me there is nothing better than sitting behind the wheel, new scenery whizzing by and seeing what's around the next corner. A lot of people that know me have said I should have a house on wheels, or that I have gypsy in my soul. So when hubby said that he had a Conference to attend and would I like to come? Well, he didn't have to twist my rubber arm.

So leaving the home stead in capable hands, off we went. And what was supposed to be a very rainy, terrible weather day, was a beautiful, sunny, 22 degree celcius amazing day. We left Yarmouth for the Annapolis Valley which is a gorgeous oasis of orchards and wineries, farms and plowed fields showing the first hint of corn growing in the fields.

We stopped in the town of Wolfville for lunch and took in the sights.

Wolfville is located on the Bay of Fundy in which a hundred billion tonnes of seawater flow in out daily creating extreme high and low tides. When the tide is out you are left with red mud, which apparently has many properties that are extremely good for the skin. Spa treatment anyone?

The town of Wolfville is home to Acadia University, and thus has many sidewalk cafes, restaurants, wine tours and the like.

But for us, time was ticking so after a picnic lunch at the park we were heading back on the road.

So we headed in to the Gaspareaux Valley and then along the Bay of Fundy to Truro, where we rest our weary heads tonight. A beautiful road trip, and memories made along the way. I love this beautiful province of Nova Scotia. Around every corner there is something new, or something old, or reminders of times gone by. I am truly blessed to call this place home.

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