Sunday, 5 May 2013


Yesterday was one of those wonderful, perfect days where I didn't have to be anywhere, drive anywhere or have any plans in general. These kinds of days are very rare around this house and I took full advantage of the endless hours that went by all too quickly.

After getting my clothes on the line, I spent a lot of my day in my Potting Shed getting organized and planting seeds. My daughter took great pleasure in helping me fill the pots with soil and operating the watering can. We planted tomatoes, cucumbers, brussel sprouts, basil, hot peppers and some herbs. Soon this little potting shed will be over run with new life. The peppers and the basil will stay inside for the entire season as they do extremely well in this little shed but the rest will planted in the big veggie garden outside.


It is always so exciting to get your seeds ready and then wait for them to spring to life. Last year I had a lot of trouble with mice getting in to my planted seeds so this year I have had to cover each pot and tray. Hopefully that keeps them out.

After finishing up in the Potting Shed, we decided to put up our new tent for a practice run for summer. I wanted to see how easy it was to put up, and make sure all the pieces were there. I got this tent off Amazon and I am very excited and pleased with it. I got an amazing price on it and it only took me 15 minutes to set up for my first time. This was an important factor considering on our trip we will be moving on from campsite to campsite every couple of days. I can't wait to start camping!

So after playing in the tent and pretend camping for awhile with my daughter,  hubby and I relaxed on the back patio with a glass of wine and took in the peacefulness of the day. We had a bowl of popcorn between us which we shared with the chickens. I discovered that they absolutely love popcorn. After their fill they took to relaxing under the Juniper bush content and happy just as we were. A lovely day around the house, no commitments, no worries, just peace and tranquility.

These spring days are indeed a wonderful treat. The blossoming bushes and flowers are truly a gift and I feel so blessed to be able to enjoy these special moments.

 Spectacular Spring, fleeting, but all the wonderful because of its short duration. A wonderful reminder to stop and enjoy nature as often as we can and to see the world for all its gifts.

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