Sunday, 1 September 2013


So we are back from the wonderful, magical Prince Edward Island. We stayed in a wonderful vacation rental called Glistening Waters. What a breathtaking place to rest and relax after a week of camping. It was my husbands 40th birthday, and when we arrived at the home we were welcomed with balloons and a lovely birthday card, as well as treats for our Dog. The property was private and serene with a lovely shaded path through forest and past ponds to a lovely beach, where in an entire week we saw absolutely no one.

What I love so much about vacation rentals is that you experience what it is truly like to live somewhere different. For me it is ten times the experience of a hotel. We were able to cook our own wonderful food with all the amenities of home while gazing out the window at the glistening waters of The Northumberland Strait.

Prince Edward Island has so much to offer. From the beauty of its many beaches that range from white sand to the color of pink champagne, and its rolling hills and farmland, it truly invokes a feeling of what the locals call "Island Time." The seafood available is abundant with very reasonable prices and we enjoyed more than a few oysters this trip. We became very adept at shucking our own oysters and we only have a few band aids on after our impressive efforts.

Nearby to where we were staying was also our favorite restaurant on Prince Edward Island. Because we keep eating out to a minimum it is always a very special treat for us all to venture out to a restaurant. But we always try to visit at least one local establishment to try the local fair. The Brehaut's Restaurant in Murray Harbour is not only a favorite with the visiting crowd, but also with the locals, which is always a good indication the food is top notch. We had their award winning seafood chowder with a homemade tea biscuit and I can say from experience, its the best chowder I have ever had.

PEI has it all. Sun, sand, peace and tranquility. It is a slower pace of life that seeps in to your soul and gives you time to breath in the salty air and let it chase your worries away for a little while. As I was unpacking this morning, sand came sprinkling out of my towels and on to the floor and it made me smile. I brought a little of the island home with me. I hope its magic lives on for a little while longer.


  1. Hey Danielle, I just noticed that you posted this on my son's 16th birthday! And what a beautiful statement it is! The photos are spectacular, and your kind words capture it all! We are so happy that you and your family got to spend your husband's 40th at our beautiful farmhouse. In addition to the sprinkles of sand on your floor, : ) may you find peace and tranquility throughout the year, with all the memories you made there!..........And a shoot out to my friend Paula, over at Brehaut's, for warming you up with that beautiful bowl of chowder!.........................see next year! Kathie


  2. Yikes!!!!....that would be a "shout out" to Paula....!!!!....