Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Well, its no secret I love airplanes and flying. So this past weekend was a great one for me. It was the Yarmouth air show and I was in my glory. The roar of the engines and the smell of jet fuel excites me more than anything, and the show did not disappoint. The Snowbirds gave an absolute thrilling performance. I was as close as I could get without knocking the fence down, and I didn't care that I was standing in a huge puddle to watch the show. It was worth the wet feet.

When I first saw them coming towards me, their lights twinkling against the deep blue sky, my heart skipped a beat and my eyes filled with tears. I am probably the only person alive that cried at the airshow out of sheer excitement, but I truly and deeply love the miracle of flight. And when its a jet, and it goes fast, and makes a lot of noise, its even better.

My kids and husband had a blast at the show as well, and I couldn't think of a better thing to do on a sunny Sunday afternoon than watch an airshow. A little sunburnt and high on adrenaline we headed home for a glass of wine and a tasty supper. The perfect ending to the perfect day.

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