Sunday, 25 August 2013


Well everyone, I'm sure you were wondering where I've disappeared to for a week. I've been on the road camping in Fundy National Park. I had thought they had internet there, and they did, just not at our campground, and that was good. It felt nice to disappear from society and what was going on around the world for awhile. But now we are on Prince Edward Island, enjoying the amenities of an actual home, with electricity, internet and real beds, before heading back to reality, school, and everything else that comes along with it.

New Brunswick was our replacement trip for Newfoundland which had to be cancelled for quite a few reasons, but remains on my Bucket List for another time. But a fine replacement it was. The towering rock formations created by the highest tides in the world made for an amazing backdrop to beautiful, sparkling waters, cliff sides and scenic drives. We went to a music festival, did The Fundy Trail Parkway, went hiking every single day, and swimming in the Saltwater Pool located in the park, with amazing views of the water. We visited Hopewell Rocks where you can walk on the ocean floor when the tide recedes, and wander amongst the towering rock formations that are sculpted by the millions of years of tides sweeping back and forth twice a day. Absolutely awe inspiring.

The Fundy Shore is only a small part of New Brunswick, and it has made me long to discover more of this beautiful province. It's rolling hillsides, lush green landscapes and friendly people leave much to be discovered. I will certainly post more on this in the future. Now I must relish in a morning cup of coffee on the front porch of a home that has been here for over a hundred years and gaze out over the glistening waters of  PEI, my favorite island in the world. Its peace and magic work wonders, and all who come here are forever changed. It is the location of the famous novels by Lucy Maude Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables. When I read this as a little girl, I longed to see the red dirt roads, and champagne beaches, and to be here now as an adult, and know that all the magic created in the books is real, is such a treat.

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