Wednesday, 24 July 2013


So the other morning I was going about my usual routine in the yard which begins with feeding and letting the chickens out for the day. Now that my veggie garden is established, and there are no little sprouts to eat, they are once again free to roam.

On my way to the coop I spotted a very delightful sight. A duck. And not just any duck. My duck. I had to contain myself so as not to scare him/her away, but I slowly made my way over. The duck stood there patiently waiting, as if to say, "what the heck took you so long, I've been waiting for my breakfast!" So I went in to the barn and threw out some seed and then went back to retrieve my camera from the house, terrified the entire time it would fly away again. But when I returned the duck was still there, eating up a storm.

When he finished eating, he waddled on down to the pond for a swim and a drink as if he never left. I couldn't believe it. And he has been back every day. He eats, swims, waddles around with the chickens for awhile and then takes off again to where ever he must go. I'm glad he remembered us. I'm glad he has come back to pay us a visit. And I'm so glad he is still alive. I hope he goes and tells all his duck friends to come on over to our place. The feed is good, the pond is full and there are other feathered friends to visit with. Mr or Mrs Duck? You are always welcome at our place.

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