Sunday, 7 July 2013


It has been extremely hot here in Nova Scotia the last few days. And by hot I mean HOT. It is 32 degrees and the humidity is high, but I can't complain, it's beautiful out. That said, we decided to try and beat the heat by going camping near the ocean. It's always cooler at the ocean right? Wrong! But, it was gorgeous.

We have a favorite spot we love to camp at. Thomas Raddall Provincial Park is about an hour and ten minutes from our house, and it is absolutely lovely. And the fact that it's so close by came in very very handy when upon arrival we discovered not only had we forgotten the tent, but the beds too! No wonder the car was empty. Anyways, after going back, retrieving our supplies and returning, the weekend was amazing and fun. We love the park for it's beautiful white sandy beaches, nature trails and private camp spots. And the night skies are unobstructed by any light so you are treated to incredible star gazing.

One of the things that was so special this trip were the Fireflies that were every where around the campsite as darkness fell. Their flashing lights lit up the bushes as sparks from the campfire rose up in to the night sky where the heavens full of stars twinkled above. There are seldom moments that come along in life that are completely and utterly perfect. And truly, this was one of those times.

When it came time to go to bed, I rolled up the sides of the tent fly to expose the mesh ceiling above. This way, as we snuggled down in to our sleeping bags and drifted off to sleep we could see the sky above us and the stars were the last thing we saw before our eyes closed and sleep took over.

Another amazing trip in Nova Scotia, a province that is unsurpassed in its beautiful coastline, quiet, white sandy beaches, and friendly people.

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  1. I love camping, but I can't get my husband to go :) It looks beautiful based on your photos!