Sunday, 21 July 2013


Well I am finally home again from our week at the cottage. It was wonderful. I can't say how amazing it was to have all my kids join us for this vacation. It doesn't happen often anymore. Children grow up and have their own lives and responsibilities. But this time everything came together and we were able to enjoy one another. At the cottage there were no interruptions or distractions. There was no internet, radio or television, only each other. The water was our playground. Board games and cards our entertainment. Fishing derby's were the game of the day, and canoeing to the island in the lake an adventure.

The loon's song on the lake was a backdrop to my leisurely reading on the porch in the shade as the breeze flowed through the treetops above. The sparkle of sun on the lake below would beckon my lazy form in to the water for a refreshing swim and then I would be back again to the comfort of the porch and a good read.

The cottage, its simplicity, its beauty, the lake, the water, the loons, all worked their magic. The quiet interrupted only by bird song, wind and the low rumble of thunder in the distance after the heat of the day were the perfect combination to quiet my soul.

Its seems that returning to a more simple way of life has many rewards. The fewer things we have, the less work there is to do. Coming to a cottage in the woods gave us a much needed escape from life and responsibility. We didn't know what was going on in the world. What new atrocities and tragedies have affected others and makes us feel helpless in its wake. I was not in tune with anything other than the sunrise, sunset, water, heat and nourishment. Nothing else seemed to matter and we existed in our own cocoon. There was hardly anyone around and even though, across the lake I could see some houses and a roadway with an occasional car passing, it felt like that belonged in a different world, separated somehow from our own oasis.

When our time had ended and we packed up the car to go, I felt healed and rejuvenated. Happy to return home to the real world, our bonds with each other stronger, more memories made, and a promise to make it all happen again.


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  1. It looks beautiful! I'm glad that you were able to have a relaxing trip, everyone needs that every once in a while :)