Monday, 29 July 2013


Well the blueberries are in full swing. Huge, amazing and the only thing in my garden right now that is worth mentioning. It has been a somewhat wet and humid summer. Days filled with high temperatures, humid conditions and nothing resembling the perfect growing medium. That said, the beans, Brussels sprouts and carrots are doing amazing....who knows what will work and what won't.

Blueberries have to be one of my favorites though. These days, I wander out in the morning and pick some to put in my cereal, or to make muffins, or a pie. Even though everything else is going sideways, as gardening goes sometimes, the tried and true shine through and give one hope. Life isn't always perfect, and neither is gardening. It's a good lesson. We always think things will go our way, or life will be perfect, and then it throws us a curve ball. And the only thing we can do is deal with it. Accept it and move on, and enjoy whatever is out there. It may not be exactly what we wanted, but sometimes it turns out even better.

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