Wednesday, 8 January 2014


Well here we are January already and I haven't blogged in what seems like forever. I have been working a lot, having fun in between and most importantly, spending time with the ones I love the most. I really don't take time to blog when we are all home together. Our time is precious, so if you haven't seen a blog from me in awhile that's the reason why.

I know its only January and we have a long way to go before spring, but I am in Seed Catalogue heaven. Its a great way to pass the time and dream about longer and sunnier days. I'm encompassed with thoughts of new veggies to try out, the tried and true that work well year after year, and what kind of birds to order to complement my flock. While other girls dream of new clothes and trips abroad, my thoughts float with the sights and smells of my hands in the dirt, towering sunflowers above and picking beans while my chickens peck the ground. I find myself googling different breeds of goats and geese, and how to make my own cheese. I look on sites like Kijiji for tractors and livestock, while I know most of my peers are searching for furniture and good last minute deals on whatever. I can't help being a country girl at heart.

I am really appreciating all the things life is bringing me this coming year. Even though I need to be a working Mom for now, I know that I can balance my life out with the things I love. I love to garden, bake, cook, spend time with my husband and kids, camp, and walk in the woods. These are the things that fill me with so much joy and happiness. And right now, as the snow flies and the days end in darkness, I can look forward to not only all that is to come, but also immerse myself in the joys of now. The snow that fell. The blizzard we survived. The pizza we made during a power outage on a grill and finished off with a blow torch. Walks in the woods, the snow encrusted trees towering above me in their majestic silence. Birds at my feeder, puffed up to keep out the cold and the great people I call my friends.
I truly love this life and feel blessed to call this place home. I truly wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

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