Friday, 17 January 2014


I have one of those brains that moves a hundred miles an hour. I can be having a conversation and jump from one subject to the next in a millisecond and then not understand why people can’t keep up. In my mind I am always writing stories, having future conversations, thinking about what needs to be done, my calendar, groceries, cooking, cleaning, relationships and deep meaningful thoughts. And I do this in my mind almost simultaneously. Crazy, I know. I personally think it’s a Mom thing. As a Mother we have so much on our agendas that if we don’t think at warp speed, nothing would get done. But the thing is, a mind needs rest. So I am putting some effort  in to learning how to quiet my thoughts. My husband gave me the idea of The Sunflower Seed. He knows I love Sunflowers so it’s an appropriate symbol to choose. He placed the seed in my hand and told me to look at it. Concentrate on it. Push all other thoughts out except for the seed. So I did that. I stared at the seed. I started envisioning my glorious garden in summer, when the sunflowers tower above me reaching for the sky. And all my other thoughts died away except for that one. It wasn't long until the spell was broken, but I was able to clear out my thoughts for a moment. A great start. And now, when I start to feel stressed out, or I’m exhibiting signs of melt down extraordinaire, he just tells me to think of the sunflower seed. And I do, and it works. In fact the other day, I was feeling particularly overwhelmed. I felt him place something in my hand as we were walking along. I opened my palm and in it was a sunflower seed. It was a reminder. Calm my thoughts, take a deep breath and relax. He always knows just what I need.

 Having the partner that I do in life makes me feel so blessed. He is my best friend and confidant. He is my date on date nights and my other half.  He knows my thoughts and I know his. Each day I fall in love a little bit more and I know it’s the same way for him too. We are each other’s everything and I hope I don’t have to spend a single day on this planet without him here to share my journey.  What we share together as husband and wife I hope for everyone. Of course we have our bad moments just like everyone and some days I could scream at the top of my lungs he makes me so mad. But you see, no matter how mad I am at the moment, I know it will blow over like a summer thunder storm and we will be alright once again. Because that’s what two people in love do. You overcome the hurdles and learn from the mistakes. And let’s be honest, the making up part is always worth the thunder and the lightning.

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