Tuesday, 26 November 2013


Yesterday was an another amazing day for me. Something very special happened. My husband and I were home together, with no kids. Now I know this may not seem like a huge deal to all of you out there, but to us, its golden. You see, we are never ever alone together in the house. EVER. There is always one or more kids around. We don't mind it, we love it that way, but we didn't realize, until yesterday, how amazing it is to have the house to ourselves. As we bid the little darlings farewell as they trudged off to the school bus, we were grinning like a couple of kids. We leaped back in to bed and slept until 11. We made the most amazing omelets when we got up, filled with all the stuff that kids hate, like tomatoes and basil and feta cheese. Heck I even threw in a Kalamata Olive and some Capers just because I could.

Time alone together as Husband and Wife is normally something we have to leave the house to enjoy. It's usually dinner out, or a couple of days away. But staying home, alone, is a treasure that doesn't come around very often. And as our children grow older, I know that these days will become more frequent until one day, its just He and I again. But for now, I will treasure the special days, where for a short time I felt like a kid again, when I was left home alone for the first time. Pure fun, and satisfaction and a day I won't forget any time soon.

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