Monday, 2 December 2013


So last week my husband and I had the opportunity to relish in a few much needed days away from the old Homestead. Hubby had a conference to attend in Truro, Nova Scotia, so we added on an extra couple of days and made a little journey out of it. We drove the Fundy Coast all the way from Annapolis Royal, to Victoria Beach and then onward, taking every dirt road we could find that would take us to the water. It was spectacular. There was a big storm that was headed our way and we were always just a step ahead until finally it caught up to us at our stopping point in Wolfville, where we spent the night. We rested our heads at an absolutely amazing B&B. We stayed at the Olde Lantern Inn, a truly idyllic place to spend some time after a full day of travel. It is located on a Vineyard in the beautiful Annapolis Valley, and is conveniently located within steps to the Grand Pre Winery which is right next door. The host was more than welcoming and had a lovely fire going in the Common Area as the storm raged outside.

In the morning we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast and great conversation with our Host, an individual of like minded ideas and philosophy that provided myself with a wonderful and much needed reminder of what's important in life. I believe we cross paths with people in life for a reason, and this was one of those times.

So it was onward to Truro, and hubby and I drove through the aftermath of quite the storm. The Bay of Fundy was still churning and the seas seemed angry and foreboding as we drove through the country side. There were still dark clouds gathered over the water and the tropical temperatures that had greeted us upon awakening plunged to freezing in a matter of hours. Flurries began to fall, and it felt like Winter once again.

We arrived in Truro and checked in to our Hotel, and then promptly headed over to Victoria Park, one of my favorite city parks that I have had the pleasure of visiting. I love the lush green valley, the multilevel walkways that hug the sides of the hill, and the roaring waterfall as all the waters from the storm forced its way through a narrow gorge. It was cold and crisp and the puddles began to freeze once again. We walked throughout the park for almost 2 hours, enjoying the sound of a roaring river, wind in the trees and silent flurries as they fell from the sky.

As all good things go, this trip came to an end and it was back to reality. But not before we stopped at one of our favorite pubs for supper. It is in the beautiful town of Mahone Bay. No matter what time of year, this little village is bustling with activity. Its awesome beauty and ambiance is what makes this little hub such a great place to visit, and the Mug and Anchor Pub is the perfect place to grab a beer and sit by the crackling fire and enjoy some amazing East Coast Fair.

When we left the Pub the Carollers were singing in the Gazebo by the sea. The snow was falling softly and children carried lanterns as they lit up the Christmas lights in town. The church bell rang and everyone was clapping as the big tree by the water was lit up for all to enjoy. It felt like a scene from a story book, and I wouldn't have been the least bit surprised if Santa had flown by on his sleigh.

As I hugged my husband close, and we took in everything around us, I felt so blessed to be alive. Its the moments in life that count, and I am truly blessed to be a living in this beautiful province of Nova Scotia. It is a gem among gems.

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