Monday, 25 November 2013


Well, I am officially in the Christmas spirit. The snow was falling yesterday, the air was crisp, cold and dry, and we finished decorating the house. I had my Christmas scented candles burning as Jimmy Rankin's Tinsel Town blasted from the stereo. In the afternoon, I ventured out in to the woods to get some greenery for my Centrepiece on the Dining Room table and I was awed by the beauty as I stood silently in the woods as the snow blew around me. I could see fresh deer tracks as I made my way through the trails and it felt so wonderful being out there and part of the wonderful world around me.

I love the preparation for Christmas. The coziness of the fire burning as the wind and snow howl around the house, makes me feel so safe and secure. Every season in Nova Scotia has its beauty and wonder, and as Winter approaches my excitement rises at the prospect of walks after a fresh snowfall, sledding by flashlight under a cold starry night, and freezing hands wrapped around a steaming mug of hot chocolate. There truly is nothing as satisfying as that.

Last night as we sat admiring the tree as the candles flickered in the darkness I felt an extreme contentedness envelope me. My love of my husband and children, as I listened to them laugh and joke with one another, filled my soul with gladness. I truly am a very lucky woman to be able to have these times with my family.

Later on, I listened as each of my kids spent time on the phone with their Oma ( my Mom ) and it warmed my heart to hear them enjoy talking with her. It made my night complete. Because even though my parents are far away, the distance is made shorter by the relationship and bond they have with them. Yes, yesterday was truly the perfect day.

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