Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Autumn is in full force here in Yarmouth County. The cool, crisp nights are upon us, and the warmth of the days hold a slight chill, reminding us that winter isn't too far around the bend. The smell of leaves and wood smoke is in the air, and the dewdrops on the spiderwebs sparkle in the morning sun creating patterns agains the windows.

Pumpkins are showing up on doorsteps around town, and the harvest is in full force. Pickling and canning are going on in kitchens across Yarmouth county, as we rush to get the last of our carrots, zuchininis and cucumbers in before first frost.

Having grown up in Southwestern British Columbia, Fall always meant the beginning of the rainy season for me. Don't get me wrong, BC is absolutely beautiful and stunning beyond words, with it's majestic mountains rimmng the ocean and it's giant trees, but for me, I need sunlight. Especially in winter, so coastal BC truly isn't the place for me. There's a reason the trees are so big. RAIN.

 Having lived on both sides of Canada I can truly appreciate the differences between each coast. And the four seasons is a big one. I guess that's why I appreciate it here so very much. It just doesn't rain here like it does there. That said we had a rainy July, but that isn't the norm at all and I know come winter we will be blessed with cold, but sunny days. I know that after a spectacular display of fall colors, winter will set in. Snow will fall, and the world will be silenced by its hush.

But right now, the gloriously sunny days of Autumn are here, and I am relishing in it. As I drove along the road the other morning to work, I saw the leaves blowing behind my car in the rear view mirror. There were deer in the farmer's fields grazing and the trees were starting to show their reds and oranges. The sun was rising in the sky, and a warm wind was blowing. I could see white caps on the ocean in the distance and I felt truly blessed in every sense. Life isn't always perfect, and it certainly isn't easy, but taking the time to appreciate all the good stuff is so important.

When its all said and done, and our journey ends, it wasn't about how much money we made, or what car we drove, or if we had the most toys. It's about our happiness. Our joy. What made us feel blessed. What made us whole. That's what is important. All the other stuff, is just stuff. It all ends up in the junk yard or the landfill one day. A new house becomes old, clothes wear out, cool electronics break, or make way for the next thing. But our experiences, memories, family, joys, struggles. These are the things that matter.

So as we step in to Autumn, I want to relish my moments. I want to savor my blessings. It could be my last, or I could have many more. But no one ever knows, so I am going to enjoy this season for all its worth. I hope you all will too! Happy Autumn everyone.

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  1. Having grown up in Seattle I understand about BC and the rain :) The NW seems to rain all fall. I love canning and preserving in the fall!