Thursday, 12 December 2013


                                                       JUST A FEW MONTHS APART

I've mentioned before how much I love the 4 seasons. It fascinates me how quickly things grow only to die off, or become dormant for winter. From the glorious greens of spring to the peak of summer flowers, to the Autumn Harvest, and then winters white blanket, the four seasons show us life.

When I was in the yard yesterday I snapped a picture of the sunflowers of summer. Their majestic heads were bowed as if in defeat, their lives ended, only a shell remaining. I thought back to the heat of summer when their awesome heads rose proud toward the sun as I stood beneath their towering beauty and how quickly it went from that to this. Like life. It speeds by as if in a moment. There is no stopping the progression of time, so even though we are caught up in the pursuits of working, making money, buying things and surviving, we need to watch natures reminders that all these things are fleeting.

Relishing in the snow fall yesterday, I watched my dog as he raced through the snow. He was chasing snowballs and leaping through snow banks. He was in pure bliss. Even my old dog Barley took the time to push through the snow, though it took its toll on the old boy. I'm sure for him it was worth it. But to watch my dog, just enjoying the moment with pure abandon, made me think that we don't do that enough in our own lives. We are all so caught up in the rat race that just doing something for the sake of doing it, gets pushed in the background. So I decided to join him. We ran around in the snow. I made snow angels, and hit the sled a few times with my daughter. We went on a beautiful walk through the woods and stopped and appreciated all the finer details that were there for our enjoyment. The forest presented us with its beautiful artwork, that no man's hand can create. We were treated to the angry chatter of squirrels as we passed by, themselves busy with the process of getting themselves ready for the long winter ahead.

 It absolutely takes my breath away to be able to be a part of the progression of life. When my own body, like the sunflower, is bent and old and just a shell, I hope I can reflect back on a life that held meaning, adventure and a bucket full of special moments. Nature has endless things to teach us. We just need to watch and listen and enjoy the now. Because that's all we have.

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