Tuesday, 22 October 2013


When I first started this blog it was a way of getting me writing again. I had to push certain boundaries within myself to even have the courage to put stuff out there because I lack confidence as most writers do. I wanted my blog to be open, honest and real. When I write I do so freely. I spell check, but that's about it. I don't worry about grammar, using fancy language and trying to be someone I'm not. I write just as I would sit and talk if we were having a conversation over a cup of tea. Blogging is different than writing a short story, novel or even an article. To me, the best blogs are the real ones. The ones where individuals aren't trying to be someone they are not, or writing to appear super intelligent, unbelievably talented or have an amazing, free from any problems, life. I also needed it to be something that I enjoyed and didn't take up much time. I write quickly and then put it out there. You can probably tell from my posts if I've had a busy day, a tiring one or an excitingly awesome day just by the length of my post and how bad my grammar is that day.

To me writing and reading is as important as breathing and I read as much as I can. I love all sorts of literature, poetry and trashy beach novels. I'm not picky. But the kind of writing that turns me off is where someone is trying to be some one they aren't. You know what I mean. The novels and stories where it seems they had their thesaurus next to them as they wrote, trying to use the biggest words possible. It doesn't make for pleasant reading. It is pretentious writing and its not for me. When I read something that someone has written, I want to hear their voice in the words. I want to know them. I want it to be real. I don't want to think they sat with the piece for hours and hours rewriting, correcting, looking up words. It loses so much in this process. It loses their own voice.

I don't want my writing to be like that. I want you the reader to be able to imagine what it would be like to sit and have a chat together. I want it to be friendly and I want it to be me. The thing is, when I first started writing this blog, no one was reading it. I had no audience, so it didn't matter to me either way. Now, there are quite a few of you. And that's great. I love to have you in my life whoever and wherever you might be, but I feel an extra pressure. I start to agonize over what certain people in my life think when they read it. I don't want to feel this way, and I want my writing to continue to be real. I have to shut these feelings off and continue to not worry about what others think or feel. The blog is me, about me, my point of view and opinions. In the case of blogging I don't feel you are writing for the reader as much as you are journaling your day to day events and  thoughts.

So I am going to stay real, going to stay positive, and going to stay me, no matter what. I think that's what you deserve as my readers. You deserve the real me, my real life and concepts and opinions and my true voice. Thanks to all who support me, and your constant kind words and feedback. You truly learn in many of life's situations who wants the best for you, who supports you in all walks of life, and who out there doesn't. Stay real everybody.


  1. Well said and that is why we love you!

  2. You are right! I wish everybody could keep it real, it would simplfy life!

  3. I love your writing because it is real and like you said, it sounds like your true voice, as I picture having a coffee with you across the country! (Kel)