Thursday, 31 October 2013


Today dawned bright and beautiful. The sun rising up through the mist that hung over the lake cast a red glow over the frosty ground. The air was crisp and cold and as we stoked up the fire in the woodstove, hot tea cups in hand we watched as the sky turned fiery red. But as they say, Red Sky in Morning Sailors Warning, so I'm anticipating some rain in the near future. But its beautiful right now and its the perfect day for Halloween.

As a parent I've always loved Halloween night although I don't really go for all the creepy witch and devil stuff. For me its more the carving of pumpkins and the smell of them when you first light them up and see them glow. It's the crisp night air when you take the little ones trick or treating and the echo of the children's laughter as they run from house to house. Its the hot chocolate in hand as you greet other parents and smile at one another, understanding that this night is for the kids, and how cute are they? And how lucky are we to be parents?

I've gone through 3 children and endless costumes. From Luke Skywalker to ghosts and vampires we have done 20 years of trick or treating. But tonight, an era of our lives has passed. Our littlest one, who is not so little anymore, wants to go with her friends. And so, as Mom and Dad, we will sit home on Halloween.

 I know its the first of many last times. There will be the last Christmas Concert at school, the last Band Recital, Dance Recital or Soccer Game. There will be the last day of school, and the dreaded day when the last child moves out on their own. I love being a parent, even though its not always easy, and I hope the walls of my home will ring with the laughter of grandchildren when my kids are all grown. My husband and I already talk about the kind of Grandparents we will be, and our kids aren't even grown up yet. We tell our children now, that when they have kids in the future, we will be there. We want to have them over as much as we can, and support them in every way possible.

Last night our youngest went to the Halloween Dance at school. When we went to pick her up there were little ones everywhere, dressed in their Halloween finest. The excitement in the air fueled by the sugar rush of candy and chocolate made for a merry atmosphere. As we watched them all scooting here and there my husband turned to me and smiled. " I love kids!" he said. I nodded in understanding. There's nothing like them.

Happy Halloween everybody.

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