Wednesday, 2 October 2013


It was an absolutely beautiful weekend weather wise here in Yarmouth. It was 20 degrees in the day time and dropped to about 5 at night. Crisp and clear and so lovely. We enjoyed ourselves with a campfire on Friday night and enjoyed the amazing display of the night sky. The milky way shone in all its glory, the owl kept us company with his spooky hooting, and even the loons gave us some night time music. I was surprised, I had thougth they had left for the winter, but in this I was mistaken.

I think campfires are such a great place to enter in to deep conversations. Everyone tends to open up a little more in the ambient glow of the flames as it creates an intimate environment. Its just the people around the fire and the crackle of wood. Truly the perfect setting for conversations about the unviverse, the stars and anything else our minds wonder about.

On Saturday we enjoyed a wonderful walk in Ellenwood Provincial Park. It is now closed for the season so it is ours to enjoy once again. We rarely bump in to anyone else in the park, so it is like having your own private oasis. The leaves are starting to change in to their brilliant colors, yet the water of the lake was still warm enough for us to dip our toes in.

 Sunday we spent cleaning and getting ready for the arrival of my parents from out West. I can't tell you how excited I am to see them, and how eternally grateful I feel for still having both my parents, and that they can still make the long journey to see me. I love them so dearly, and I can't wait until I see them come down that escalator at the airport and I catch my first glimpse. My mom and I always cry and hug and create a scene, its great. The countdown is on, just two more days!

So let the sun shine on for them and for all of us. Not just the sun in the sky, but the sun that shines in our lives, and gives us happiness, hope and wellness. We are truly blessed to be on this earth.

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