Friday, 18 October 2013


I can't believe we are in mid October already. Autumn is flying by so quickly and soon we will be in the depths of winter.

As we carry forward towards November I can't help but think how quickly life goes by. Sometimes I can't believe when I look in the mirror that I'm already in my 40's. When did that happen? I think my mind is still sitting at somewhere around 28 and I'll probably let it stay there. The rest of me though is no longer in the late 20's mode. I'm ok with that though. I am very happy with who I am, where I am, and who I am with. The experiences I've had over the course of my lifetime so far have been bountiful, and the people I have met along the way are irreplaceable. To my friends out there far and wide, you are a huge part of my life, even though we may not talk all time. When we do finally get on the phone and have a chat, its like we were never apart. And remember the door is always open here at our house, and there's always wine in the fridge!

As I was driving through the country side this morning I was thinking about the friends I have made over the years and how much I miss them. In my life I have made some really great connections, and I do wish we could get together more than we do. Some of my friends I haven't seen since we moved across the country, and even though it feels as if such little time has passed, in reality it has been 6 years. We are older, somewhat wiser ( maybe ) and have had a multitude of experiences that we haven't shared together. But they are still a apart of my life no matter how far away we all are and the amazing memories we created together are never forgotten.

But it really drives the point home of enjoying the moment and trying not to be in such a rush. As I drove home from my visit with my guy Ernie, I took the time to pull over, take in the scenery around me and snap some photos. I took in the silence of the day, the beautiful sunshine, and the Autumn colors that were reflected in the river. And my thoughts today as I did so were on all the friends I have made so far in life, and the excitement of meeting new ones as well. I am truly blessed to have you all in my life, so this post is for you.

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