Friday, 9 August 2013


So I decided to sit down this morning and write my blog, but the kids were running around screaming at each other. Then an entire bag of sugar exploded on the stairs, and more crying and screaming ensued so I put the lap top away.  I decided I would write my blog later. Well, later is now, my inspiration from the morning is long lost in my mind, and the kids are screaming and fighting once again. The laundry I forgot on the clothes line last night got rained on, my vacuum is clogged and the couch I'm sitting on feels sticky. I won't even try to begin to imagine what that might be. It's August. Only 3 weeks left until the little darlings go back to school.

That said, having the privilege of having this summer with my kids has been amazing. I love them dearly and I know I will miss their screeching and hollering, wrestling and fighting so much when September roles around. I know when they hop on the bus that first day of school, with their new backpacks loaded down with supplies, new shoes and clothes and a healthy lunch ( because its always the perfect lunch the first few weeks ) I will shed a tear and long for these days of summer. I will wish for more swims at the lake, catching waves at the beach, and the ice creams melting all over my car seats on the way home. I will miss the car rides where we crank up the music with the windows rolled down and sing along, nothing on our agenda but sand and sun.

But I will also rejoice in my moments of renewed freedom. Solitude, and walks on the beach, all the sand pails, and boogey boards put away for the summer. It will once again be just me and the sandpipers enjoying the peace and tranquility of the ocean. The beach mine once again.

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