Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Tonight we decided to have our supper at a local park. It was such a beautiful day and it seemed a waste to spend it at home. After having a somewhat rough weekend, I decided just the thing was to head out, food in the cooler, kick boards and water noodles in the trunk and head down to the local lake. As soon as we pulled in, we jettisoned everything from the car and set up at the picnic table. Then it was into the water for a refreshing swim. What a rejuvenation it is to cool off in the water, then relax and enjoy some wonderful food.

I feel very blessed to live in a place that has so many wonderful swimming lakes and beaches for our enjoyment. The mere sound of water lapping against the shoreline fills my soul with peace and tranquility. My kids splashing around in the water, giggling and laughing with happiness fills my heart with joy, and makes everything well again. I constantly learn the lesson that being in nature brings everything around and whole again, no matter how hard some times might be, are how bad a day may get. Trees, sun, water and fresh air somehow cleanse the body.

So after our fun evening at the lake we finished it off with a walk that began with this sign at the head of the trail. I really couldn't have said it better myself.

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