Friday, 29 March 2013


So Easter weekend is here. One would think a time of relaxation, maybe a picnic, long drive in the country and some Easter candy. Well, that's my idea of a perfect Easter weekend anyways. But instead, its the push to get the rest of the firewood in for next winter. There is backbreaking labour in my future this weekend. Cutting down trees, cutting up trees, splitting wood and stacking.  To stay warm all winter requires a lot of wood, so thank goodness we have a forest that is kind enough to give us some free heat for the winter. And yes, it sounds like I'm complaining, but really, after a hard day of splitting and stacking in the sunshine, you feel tired but good. We get to use all those muscles that have been somewhat idle during the winter, and we get to hang out in the woods which is my favorite thing anyways, and play with chain saws and ride ATV's. What's not to like?

 And maybe I'll even throw in a drive in the country and a picnic somewhere in there. Sounds like a good idea to me.

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