Wednesday, 27 March 2013


I really love my chickens. Well, most of the time anyways. We do have our moments. Like when they eat my seedlings, or raid the bird feeder, or make a mess on my porch. But besides all of those things my chickens provide us with the most beautiful, delicious eggs anyone could ask for. And it gets even better that. They are also extremely entertaining, and have their own personalities. I sometimes sit in the yard or on the front portch and just watch them. There's Henny and Penny( I know, really original names ) and Tipsy, because she has a black tip on her tail feathers, and Stoo the Rooster. There's Croak, that has a really strange way of clucking, and The Three Muskateers. Tipsy spends a lot of time on her own. Never far from the others, but always within site of Stoo. The rest move together in a group, scratching and pecking, scratching and pecking. They circumnavigate the yard, looking for treasures of worms and bugs, happily enjoying their freedom to roam. If I come outside they will run to me, in the strange way only chickens can run, and follow me around waiting for a treat, or some kitchen scraps. They always turn their heads and look at me sideways, and I often wonder what they are thinking. The other really neat thing about  chickens is their curiousity. Many times I will look out the sliding door only to see one of the chickens there looking in at me.

Or, if I leave the front door open, they will saunter right on inside as if to say, hey what's going on? What's for supper? Yup, chickens are like that. They rely on us for their food, and shelter, and they give us their beautiful eggs in return for the favour. And what better thing to do in the morning, than head out to the coop and collect some eggs for breakfast. I truly wouldn't want it any other way.

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